Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Reincarnation:  Let The Evil Times Roll
Monster Trucks Attack
Sep 14, 2010


Battle over 70 types of monsters, collect over 80 types of equipment and use over 80 different skills and spells!


WASD or Arrows to move, Space to interact. Mouse for everything else.
Sound and Quality settings in the right-click menu.

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EBFWiki is a database dedicated to Epic Battle Fantasy series of flash games that anyone can contribute to! Epic Battle Fantasy is a series of flash games designed and programmed by Matt Roszak, and can be found on Kongregate, Newgrounds, Armor Games, and Max Games, inter alia. There are currently four principal games and four spinoffs titled The Kitten Game, Brawl Royale, Bullet Heaven, and Adventure Story.

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    Death (status)
    Death or Instant Death is a recurring status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It...
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    Holy Sword
    Holy Sword (also known as Seiken in earlier games) is one of Matt's signature skills, having...
  • Battle Mountain/Enemy Marathon
    The Enemy Marathon (also known as the Foe Rush or the Monster Marathon) is an optional challenge...
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    Battle Mountain
    Battle Mountain is an optional location in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, introduced in the Steam...
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    Praetorian MKII
    Praetorian MKII is an optional boss encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. it's a stronger...

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    Epic Battle Fantasy 3
    Released in August 2010, Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (titled as Epic Battle Fantasy III in-game) is...
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    Akron is the main antagonist and final boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. An ancient demonic deity...
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