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SW: The Mary Reed Chronicles

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SW: The Mary Reed Chronicles

Project Wasteland 0
Moby Dick - The Video Game

By HeroInteractive

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Launched October 28, 2010

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StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles is our very first foray into point-and-click adventure games! Continuing roughly four years from where SW: The Lost Campaigns left off, help Mary to hijack an enemy airship and rescue the princess- kicking off a lengthy career of pirating! Although we plan on returning to the more classic style of StormWinds action, it has been a lot of fun branching out and using this format to reveal more about the characters and story.

There are a total of 7 letters hidden throughout the game with a side plot. Find all of them to unlock a much more violent and awesome alternate ending you can take.

As always, a special thank you to all of our fans for your support!


Find stuff and click away!

Walkthrough is available, but you're too awesome for that. :)

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SW: The Mary Reed Chronicles

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