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Music in Motion

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Music in Motion

Drone Wars

By CoolioNiato

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Launched February 18, 2008

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Music, Platform, Quick

This is not your standard music based game. It is an experimental game to test how music and platformers can mix. You do not have to play to the rhythm, but rather the rhythm plays with you.

This is an exciting combination of Music and Platformer Genres, with 4 stages that have 4 different play mechanics. It IS all centered around your average platform game, but with a very large and musical twist. This is probably my most original flash I've made in a while.

Caution: The game is pretty tough, and it will most definitly take you more than one try to make it through the whole thing. The final boss is pretty challenging, but very possible to beat.


Arrow Keys to Move.

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Music in Motion

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