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Nodes 2

The Unfair Platformer
Smithys Quest

By Eggy

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Launched February 19, 2008

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Level Editor, Mouse Only, Puzzle

Nodes 2 is finally here, sorry about the delay. Now with 30 brand new levels and some cool features. We took into consideration all suggestions given and tried to put them in. Sorry for the level editor not having all the features available in the game, but some things just cant be added.

Time to get your brain thinking in this unique puzzle game :)

New features include -
- Level Editor with code you can share with everyone
- Curvy Lines
- Mirrors

Sponsored by Hypegames.com

Note - When pasting Codes into level editor, leaving spaces between lines will stuff it up, so make sure to remove them if copying.


Arrow keys to drag nodes

Game Stats

984 Ratings
Nodes 2

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