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Pit Dwellers

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Pit Dwellers

The Visitor
Trick of Treat Adventure Quest

By Psionic

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Launched February 28, 2008

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First Person, Monster, Mouse Only, Shooting

I had the idea for this game when I woke up one morning so I scribbled it all down on paper and the game itself took around 2-3 weeks to create in SwishMAX.

The creature was created in Zbrush 3 and animated in Cinema 4D, Music done in FL Studio.

Theres a couple of unlockables at level 4 and 6, an art gallery with a few pics and an insanely hard "survival mode" plus after level 4 you sometimes get the chance to "Nuke em"

A health power-up drops on the right side occassionally, click it to top-up your health!!

A Nuke em power up appears in the top left after level 4 occasicionally, click it wipe em all out!!

This was my 2nd game made last year, so its still a little rough around the edges as I'm still learning this flash/coding stuff!!

Comments and crits welcomed, it all helps me to improve ;-)


Shoot the oncoming creatures, FAST!!

Headshots score more, triple headshots even more ;-)

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Pit Dwellers

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