Shop Heroes

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Customize your shop to attract the best customers.
Unlock new blueprints and craft legendary equipment.
Gear up your heroes to challenge others in the Arena.
Defeat powerful bosses for a chance at some epic loot.
Sep 1, 2016

Brand new simulation management game packed with endless adventure.

Customize your shop, train your workers, craft epic items, gear up your heroes and prepare to wage war in the Arena!


Explained in-game

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  • The Inn Thumbnail
    The Inn
    See Resource Quests for more info. Available since the Thanksgiving Update. Find this woman in...
  • Castle Thumbnail
    Unlocked by upgrading the Town Hall to level 14. The castle is the entry to City Raids which...
  • Engineering School Thumbnail
    Engineering School
    Unlocked after raising the Trader's Square to level 5. The Engineering School serves as a...
  • Miner's Guild Thumbnail
    Miner's Guild
    Unlocked after raising the Forge to level 15. The Miner's Guild serves as a training building...
  • Sorcerer's Tower Thumbnail
    Sorcerer's Tower
    Unlocked after raising the School of Magic to level 10. The Sorcerer's Tower serves as a...

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  • Package Blueprint List
    The Warrior, Ninja, and Wizard packages each contain a line of 5 Blueprints. These blueprints...
  • Gaia's Javelin Thumbnail
    Gaia's Javelin
    Gaia's Javelin Unlocked By: Thanksgiving Package, Item Level: 9, Base Power:+??
  • Rabbit Ring Thumbnail
    Rabbit Ring
    Rabbit Ring Unlocked By: Iron Band, Item Level: 4, Base Power:+ 56 Total Cost Note: To fully...
  • Mistletoe
    Mistletoe Unlocked By: Holiday Package, Item Level: 10, Base Power:+ 290
  • Valkyrie Boots
    Valkyrie Boots Unlocked By: Shieldbreaker, Item Level: 14, Base Power:+??
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