The King of Towers

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Fight other players in field battles in the Battle of Kings to claim your right to the throne of war!
Take on monstrous and deadly world bosses with other players for riches, rewards and honor.
All defense towers can be researched with different abilities and specialties to uniquely take on waves of enemies.
Heroes can be upgraded with equipment as well as other stat augmentations and skill enhancements.
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Jun 27, 2014

Humans and orcs have lived in peace for 65 years after 300 years of blood, grit and war. But the orcs have made a pact with demons to once again bring war to Azylon. Defend the kingdom from the ravagings of evil by building defense towers, research dynamic and unique tower upgrades, and recruit powerful heroes to find peace once more!


Explained in-game

November 27, 2015

Today's Feed: There's one thing we would like to let you know. Soldiers and sailors can be both seen as "solider", but please note sailors from Crown Port is separated from others. We hope this information is helpful and good luck on everything (*^__^*)

November 26, 2015

Dear Warriors, Today is Thanksgiving and we believe you all are going to have a reunion dinner with your family. Please say hello to them~! The King of towers team will also bring you the new events to celebrate this touching moment with you. Here are the events for this time: 1. Black Friday Market: The big shopping day comes once a year~! Buy more Gift Packs at a time will get you more discounts~! You only have 3 days, so hurry up~! 2. Travelling Salesman: The travelling comes back again and bring you other kind of rare things this time. Go meet him and see what you need~! 3. Hide and Seek: Someone just escaped from a trap, will he have a new life? Go and help him complete the tasks~! 4. Mystery Store: Players' favorite shopping store, there're a variety of collections over here for you to choose. Also, things will be reset everyday. What are you expecting to see? Do they sound cool? They will be right will you soon~!(*^__^*)

November 25, 2015

Today's Feed: A few players stated that Fairy Connect failed to increase recovery speed by 10%. Afterwards, we conducted an effect trial of Fairy Connect and it's able to reach 10%. To those who have the same issue, we hope this is helpful. Good luck on everything (*^__^*)

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