Time World

Claim unique wonders in inter-galactic warfare with team-vs-team and team-vs-boss battles!
Fully customizable units, fleets, and heroes - millions of ways to play!
Unique minigame with weekly individual and team tournaments and daily boss raids!
Journey across the universe with an unique and interesting storyline!
Jun 20, 2013

Time World is an addictive, futuristic Sci-Fi MMORPG with fully customizable units, unique story campaigns, and feature-rich strategic gameplay. Command your fleets on a group raid against the Demon boss, or lead a team of epic heroes on foot to destroy the evil Summoner. Win prizes in the weekly card game based tournament, or help your galaxy claim victory in Pillar Wars.


Explained in-game

July 11, 2014

Welcome to Time World! New "End of Time" Expansion Released! Please see our forum for details: http://bit.ly/1q2Mrzw New Game Bonuses: - After tutorial, open "Hero" Inventory for a RARE Hero Card (lv3) and other Bonus Gifts! - In chapter 2, take the the War of Heroes Gift Box from your mail and open it! - Significantly reduced time/resource for building/tech below level 20. - No AP required to fight your current mission up to Chapter 8! Comment Tip: You can post the "Help Request" links here for other players to reduce your task time, and click on other players' help links to get free visits! Want to grow your galaxy? It might be good idea to consider merging with another galaxy to form a stronger galaxy! - Leaders of galaxy with 25 or fewer members can choose to merge all his members to another galaxy where combined total is 50 or less. - Donated ores as well as the donate records from the merging galaxy will be brought over to the target galaxy. - The target galaxy will maintain their current leader, vices, votes, and diplomacy. Don't forget to get refer the games to your friends and earn FREE Gold!