Ufo Online

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Attention Google Chrome Users

Google has removed Unity support from their Chrome browser. To continue enjoying your favorite Unity games please consider using Firefox.
Turn-based combat against computer-controlled enemies (PvE) as well as real players (PvP)!
Fight for world domination with your faction on a dynamic world map!
Build and develop your own hidden military base!
Craft and enhance the best weapons and armors you've ever seen!
Nov 6, 2014

IMPORTANT: "UFO Online - Fight for Earth" does not support Google Chrome or Opera, please choose an alternative browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The fight for Earth has begun! Get ready for intense tactical combat in PvE and PvP. Choose a faction, build your base and recruit troops. Develop unique tactics to surprise and defeat your enemies in thrilling 3D battles. Fight for world domination and get the chance to earn some premium currency for free!

Get your troops ready and join the war today!

UFO Online: Fight for Earth is a tactical, turn-based Free-to-play Browser-Game in a Sci-Fi Scenario. Uses Unity 3D. Does not support Opera or Google Chrome browser.


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