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Jan 7, 2016


As team boss of your own racing team you are responsible for all aspects of racing. Research, development, drivers and strategy are just a few examples of tasks that should be coordinated well to stand up to other players in world worldwide races. All right from the scene: the pit lane.


Explained in-game

August 17, 2016

Hello managers, We have just updated UnitedGP. Race series For the racing classes Ace and Legend the results from BOTH cars count instead of just he better one. THe credit rewards in both classes have been increases again to prevent financial bottlenecks. The production times for the components of those racing classes have also been reduced. Cups The classes Advanced/PRO and Ave/Legend now drive in separate cups and not together anymore. And from now on the points of both cars will count for Ace and Legends (like in the race series). Hall of Fame The minimum level to join the Hall of Fame has been reduced to Ace 1 (Before Legend 5) We have also added two new categories: - "Top 100 of the day": Be in the ranking under the best 100 managers at the end of the day (00:00 UTC-0) - "Top 100 of the week": Be in the ranking under the best 100 managers at the end of the week (00:00 UTC-0) Bot strength The strength of bot cars has been adjusted for Ace and Legends so that they fit to the producible components again. Upgrade rebate Until August 21st all component upgrades cost 20% less. We wish you many victories! Your UnitedGP team

May 10, 2016

Hello players! We have just updated UnitedGP. Here is an overview of the new features and changes: New feature: the CUP The cup is a new competition in which 50 managers compete against each other. You find it in the competition screen. You automatically take part in a cup when you start a race series. Every result from a race series race now also counts for the cup. The cup has a duration of 3 days. Depending on position there are different rewards, for example a mystery toolbox, a set of premium tyres or extra actions that you can use during the next cup. Exact information about the cup you can always see on the screen when you click on the ā€œiā€ on the top right. Changes: Race series The participation now costs one ticket. When you use a ticket, you receive a new one 8 hours later. Season overview The days on which a track can be driven is now shown on the race track maps. Drivers Driver talents that give a bonus for the car performance are increased for contract extensions. The first extension now gives +3 instead of +2, the second gives +4 instead of +3 and all additional ones +5 instead of +4. On top of that the price of the 3rd (and following) extensions was reduced from 1000 Stars to 500. Match making There is now a video option to pass the waiting time during the match making. Watch a short video and receive a few STARS in return. Careful: This option only has limited availability and the button is not always active. Qualifying The qualifying duration was drastically reduces so that you get to the real race much quicker. Driver tactic The driver tactic setting during the race has been significantly simplified and is easier to reach. This goes for all managers that have reached PRO. Additional actions in the races The price for additional actions in a race has been reduced to 50 STARS. You can now activate up to 4 additional actions. Premium tyres The price for yellow and green premium tyres has been increased to 12 research points. Research A new research item was added to the research tree: Action duration +1 second We wish you lots of fun and luck! Your UnitedGP team

May 10, 2016

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