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sup my name is Logan im just a guy making the time go by wow im a poet and i didnt even know it......dang i can make a rhyme anytime like a poor guy lookin for a dime

well anyways as u read my name is Logan i spend most of my time on my trampoline or playing baseball o ya and halo 3 btw which i own but i thank the Lord for all that so if u need help just comment btw if u want to c what a true gamer looks like go to my myspace page:www.myspace.com/logan82295

watch this move on the trampoline by urs truly
(roundoff/washing machine)


(frontflip off of trampoline)

im in the UGR ( ultimate game raters) currently and im 2nd (contact Bates)

im also in the Animals Attack Guild and im a penguin =) ( contact Girl_Power2)

plus Halocrew w00t w00t (contact dnldon)

The Users Attack ( contact Crazynaitor)

The Tricksters (contact Fronation)

Starting date-4/28/08
quiting date-n/a
-get 1k games rated as soon as that many are on the site

-get 1k comments

-get 1 referral

-get 1 merit

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