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Im just here to have some fun and meet some people.

My messenger.


Me and my friends beast website.


Check out this guy`s game idea


I`ve been trying to hard to get a merit and improve my posts so it would be very appreciated up my posts like this one.









My favorite games on the site

5.Shift 3
6.Hedgehog Laucn
7.Warfare 1917
8.Sonny 2
11.Indestructo tank A.E
12.Protecter 1
13.protector 2
14.protector 3
15.free rider 2
16.phage wars
17phage wars 2
18.relic rush
19.smiley war.
20.chaos faction
21.D-Day Defender
22.Battle Gear
23.punk o matic
24.The great siege.
25.Age of War

I will add more later.

free rider2 map

-18 1i 18 1i,11 -58 1j -4q 20 -47 2b -3e 2r -2s 38 -23 3f -16 3r -f 4a 7 4h s 4f 1g,-1l -58 -23 -4k -20 -3s -22 -31 -2m -2d -3d -1t -3v -17 -4e -i -4l 3 -4j m,2i -95 1u -8r 20 -86 2b -7l 35 -7t 3b -8p 2n -8u,d -5n f -6e k -75,-1n -62 -23 -6m,-21 -6e -1o -5u,-25 -6e -2g -70,-42 -9v -4d -9a -3p -90 -42 -9k,8 -c4 -f -bg -n -ak -h -9l k -92 1p -94 2m -9v 2h -b2 1g -b7 f -bb -a -bq,-3j -el -47 -dr -3u -co -33 -c4 -26 -ce -2s -dh,-2q -dl -39 -e6,2j -gq 24 -ft 2m -f3 3s -f2 52 -fr 4g -gm 3h -gg 2k -g9,-6c -er -6n -dr -5v -d7 -53 -dn -56 -ee -5s -en,-7c 3t 1g7 83,1vm 9h 14s nl,1vj 9i 2sg -b0,m4 o9 1de 1a9,1db 1a7 1e5 1an 1f6 1bd 1g9 1c4 1hm 1cu 1iv 1dm 1kc 1ed 1lr 1ep 1nb 1ev 1op 1eo,1om 1eq 1pf 1e8,1kk 5eq 1kc 5et,464 3r6 45c 3rf 44r 3sb 44n 3tc 451 3ub 45o 3uu 46m 3uu 478 3u6 47b 3t7 470 3sb 46i 3rm,48c 3r3 48p 3qb,44p 3qc 44b 3po,464 3r3 46m 3qj,476 3r6 476 3qj,458 3qd 458 3pl,3vp 3km 3us 3l1 3tv 3ln 3ta 3ml 3t6 3ns 3th 3pc 3ug 3qb 3vv 3q9 418 3pj 41g 3o4 412 3ms 40b 3lt 3vi 3l3,3u9 3ld 3ts 3kh 3tu 3jb 3u1 3i3 3u6 3gu 3uv 3hb 3vd 3i6 3vg 3j5 3vk 3k5 3vr 3l9,3tk 3gg 3t1 3fh,3vf 3gh 40g 3fq,49d 46d 4tn 4k3,4tq 4om 5m8 4ou,5hm 4ku 5hj 4ka 5hr 4jo 5i8 4k9 5hv 4kp,5hp 4kn 5i8 4l4,5hk 4kr 5hv 4lc,5hr 4mv 5ht 4nf,5ht 4n1 5if 4n0,5if 4mv 5if 4nh 5ht 4nc,5jq 4mv 5jn 4ng 5kj 4ne 5kj 4mt 5js 4n1,5mk 4mo 5mm 4om,5nr 4ms 5nn 4om,5nm 4nl 5n8 4nj 5n8 4nv,5n8 4nt 5np 4nt,5pd 4n6 5pd 4nm,5pd 4n6 5qh 4n6 5qb 4nj,5q6 4nl 5pi 4nh,1qq 1od 3nm 44n,3nk 44n 3ob 45e 3pc 45o 3qf 461 3rh 464 3sh 467 3to 46a 3v0 466 403 460 41d 45r 42e 45n 43h 45k 44o 45l 460 45o 475 45u 489 465 498 46b#-59 1m -1o -4l,19 -4m 4s 26,-20 -41 1o -3s,-1q -4l -19 -5f,18 -4q l -5j,-q -2t -p -1e,-s -2t i -2t,-p -29 8 -27,-p -1g 16 -1g,3a -2r 1r -2r 1r -26 3d -24 3d -1d 1q -1d,5e -2o 5d -1e,5e -2l 6h -2j,59 -1t 61 -1q,5e -1j 6t -1j,8g -2e 7r -19,88 -29 8l -14,7s -1o 8i -1o,9b -2c 9d -v,9d -27 e4 -33 e6 -29 99 -1o,fm -2p fc -1o,fm -2k gh -2k,fh -29 gj -29,fl -1v i8 -1r,4q -d 7p -d,67 -b 6e 1g,94 -d 93 1j,al -9 ah 1n,94 g ao i,d1 0 cp 11,cu 3 cp 1n,d0 -1 e6 8,d0 p ds v,cp 1e fh 1i,-b6 32 -99 bj -6p 2q,-4a 3a -47 bb,-4c 3f 4 3j 2 be -4e cc,3t 3a 3q bp,92 3l 4o 3b 4h bm cr di,i9 e3 le 4n n3 ee,jn 98 m7 9i,s7 ev t5 5q vq eq,vq eo 107 60,135 5j 1dd 5f 1dh fi 122 er,124 er 133 5f,1jo f8 1jn es,1js d0 1jo b,2gm 3ub 2hf 3rj,2hd 3rj 2i8 3ui,2h3 3t5 2hn 3t5,2j8 3rg 2j8 3u1,2kl 3rm 2kh 3u3,2j9 3sp 2kh 3sp,2pv 3rr 2pr 3ud,2ov 3rv 2r7 3rv,2sg 3rt 2sg 3uf,2u7 3s7 2u1 3ui,2sg 3tc 2u2 3tc,2v2 3sf 2v7 3u6,2v2 3sf 30a 3sf,2v2 3t7 303 3t7,2v9 3tr 30p 3u0,37j 3s7 34o 3s7 34o 3tp 373 3tp 353 3uk 34t 3tk,39t 3st 39r 3un,39t 3st 3b1 3st,3dh 3t2 3cj 3t2,3cj 3t3 3cn 3ub 3dl 3ub 3dc 3st,3eu 3st 3eu 3u6 3gk 3u6,3gi 3t2 3gi 3ul,3ht 3ub 3ht 3sh 3j5 3ug 3j4 3se,3k8 3sa 3k8 3u1,3k3 3s4 3lk 3s5 3ll 3u0,3ll 3u1 3k0 3tu,3so 3v8 3tm 3rh,3tm 3rj 3uc 3uu,3t5 3th 3u0 3th,3vg 3r9 3vg 3uq,41e 3re 417 3uk,3vg 3su 417 3su,4br 447 4uv 4i4,48f 42j 46o 42j 46o 43m,46o 43o 488 43o 48a 44m 46e 44m,491 43j 48v 44h 4ab 44h,4a7 43k 4a9 451,4b4 41v 4b4 44n,4b4 43p 4ck 43p 4ci 44i 4b5 44i,4di 43u 4du 44m 4ed 442,4ed 440 4eq 445,4ee 440 4el 44i 4f6 43m,4ga 43p 4fm 44c,4gf 43t 4ge 44f,4ft 445 4gc 443,4h7 43h 4hp 43t,4i5 43e 4gr 44p,4ba 4bt 4ba 45b 4i0 45d 4i0 42g 448 40m,449 40m 44v 450 4bu 45d,531 4f6 517 4f6 517 4ge 52v 4gg 52u 4ho,52s 4ho 50u 4hg,53n 4he 54b 4hh,53i 4hj 542 4ff 549 4ho,53i 4gq 54b 4gq,55c 4fa 55a 4gv,55a 4f8 56m 4f8,55e 4fs 56k 4g1,578 4fl 57d 4he,578 4fl 58q 4fl,578 4g9 58b 4gd,57b 4h1 594 4h4,52d 4j3 53b 4j7,523 4j5 528 4hr,52f 4ip 538 4ho 538 4io,52q 4ie 539 4ia,541 4hq 53q 4j8,53e 4i9 54l 4i9,575 4hv 57a 4jm,58v 4ik 58e 4jf,58v 4ic 599 4ji,58j 4j0 59c 4j0,5b2 4it 5a0 4ip 5a0 4jf 5bc 4jf 5bd 4k3 59m 4k0,5cu 4i0 5ck 4jr,5c3 4ja 5dj 4ja,5fh 4fv 5f2 4fv 5f3 4gj 5fn 4gl,5g1 4en 5g4 4gh,5fv 4fo 5gl 4fs 5gq 4gh,5h0 4fq 5h4 4gh 5ho 4gh,5ho 4ft 5hp 4gl,5im 4ft 5i1 4fs 5i3 4gf 5il 4gf 5il 4fn,5il 4gf 5il 4hj 5i0 4hj,5jj 4fu 5iu 4fs 5j1 4gf 5jb 4gg,5jb 4fu 5ji 4hb,5ji 4hg 5j6 4hg,5kc 4fp 5jl 4fn 5jq 4gg 5kc 4gb,5kc 4fn 5ke 4g8,5h5 4hl 5g0 4hj,5fv 4hj 5fv 4ie 5h8 4ig,5hc 4gv 5hf 4ij,5hf 4hv 5if 4ht 5if 4ie,5j3 4ho 5j4 4ig 5ke 4ig,5kc 4ht 5ke 4j2,5l5 4hq 5kt 4ho,5kj 4hi 5lh 4hl 5lh 4i6 5kj 4i6 5kj 4h8,5lh 4i6 5lf 4j5,5lf 4ja 5kj 4ja,5m7 4ot 63r 4p1,5h2 4mj 5u4 4mt,5h3 4mh 5h5 4om,5u1 4mq 5tv 4or,5tt 4od 5sl 4o8 5sl 4op 5tq 4oh,5hs 4mg 5hs 4l9,5ia 4mc 5ib 4l4,-5b 1i -108 19b,-108 199 sm 1b5,sm 1b4 4p 21,-16 f -1d j#T 5a1 4o8

-18 1i 18 1i 1l 24 25 2o 2q 38 3k 3n 4f 43 5a 4a 6a 4h 7j 53 8q 5r a6 6n ba 7d cg 86 dn 90 ev 9r g9 ao hk bl j0 ck kc di lq eg n8 fc on g9 q6 h6 rl i3 t5 j0 ul ju 105 kt 11k ls 134 mr 14k np 161 og 177 p3 18f pm 19f q7 1ai qj,1b3 lb 1cm la 1e9 l7 1ft l4 1hi l0 1j8 kn 1ku ka 1mk jn 1ob iv 1q2 i1 1rp gu 1tg fm 1uq em 204 dl 21e cl 22n bj 241 ai 25b 9g 26l 8e 280 7c,1ag qi 1be r5 1cb ro 1d8 se 1eb t8 1fi u5 1gn uu 1hv vr 1jb 10q 1kp 11r 1m9 12s 1ns 13v 1pf 152 1r4 166 1sr 17b 1uj 18g 20b 19m 224 1ar 23u 1bt 25r 1cs 27b 1di 28r 1e8 2ab 1er 2bt 1fd 2dg 1fu 2f5 1gc 2gt 1gn 2in 1gs 2kj 1gv 2mg 1gu 2oe 1go 2qc 1gf 2sa 1g1 2u8 1ff 306 1er 323 1e4 341 1da 360 1ce 37t 1bg 39r 1af 3bp 19e 3dn 18b 3fl 177 3hj 162 3jh 14t 3le 13n 3nd 12i 3pb 11c 3r9 107 3t7 v0 3v4 tq,3v4 tq 412 si 42v rb,5em 15g 7cs 2fm,6m2 2g0 6ms 2gm 6o3 2hb 6p9 2hp 6qe 2i5 6rj 2id 6sm 2ig 6to 2id 6un 2i5 6ve 2h8,6ve 2h8 6vi 2g4 6v5 2f1 6uj 2ds 6u1 2cq 6tf 2br 6sp 2av 6rv 29t 6r6 28j 6qd 27c 6p3 269 6nl 257 6m9 243 6kt 22t 6jh 21m,4ao se 6e8 2qu##B 60q 2e4 5k,T 6d0 2pm

Read this out loud:
This is this cat
This is is cat
This is how cat
This is to cat
This is keep cat
This is an cat
This is idiot cat
This is busy cat
This is for cat
This is forty cat
This is seconds cat
Now go back and read the THIRD word in each line from the start.

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