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1realhunter says:

Posted at 3:54am on 8/20/2008
I thought that this game was great. I liked it better than the first one because you can use spells, buy better armor and weapons, you can save, and you have a way to heal yourself. Another improvement over the first game is that you can't just run through the first couple of levels tapping a.

I think that this game would be better if the weapon reach was smaller and there was a different type of ranged attack such as a bow, crossbow, throwing knives, throwing axes, a sling, etc. It would be nice to be able to save in multiple places because the barracks in the castle are a little out of the way during the later missions, though I understand your reasoning that the player can save while getting a new mission from the king.

Overall this is a great game (9/10) and I can't wait for the sequel if there is going to be one. Keep up the good work!
This is a comment about The Rise of a King that got me a merit!!

1realhunter says:

Posted at 4:18am on 8/21/2008
The graphics are nice and clean, the idea is original, and at times this game makes you think. I like the fact that this game has cheats, you don't see that too often with flash games. At first I was worried that if the blocks went off screen I wouldn't be able to destroy them to pass the level, but any blocks that go offscreen are destroyed. What I really really like is that this game has no glitches as far as I can see proving that you took time making sure that this game would be good. More levels would also be nice.

I didn't like the fact that the levels don't seem to be arranged from easiest to hardest and sometimes passing a level came down to luck rather than skill. I don't understand how this game could be beaten in four seconds as it says on the high score list.

Some suggestions that I have for this game are the edition of blocks that can break into smaller blocks, can't be touched by 'tot', and differently shaped blocks. Another thing that I think would make this game funner would be a sandbox mode where you can create your own levels.

Addictive and fun,this game is a great way to pass the time. I give it a nine out of ten.
My second merit worthy comment, this time on Totem Destroyer.

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