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I mainly play Colony. If you want to get in touch with me, play Colony(It's epic, you won't be disappointed). Or you can comment on my page, I'll try to respond ASAP.
Alternate Accounts:

Also, I'm pretty friendly(at least by my own standards). So if you friended me, and by some reason I didn't friend you back, just comment and it'll be fixed!

List of glitchers/hackers in Colony
20122012: Likes to glitch and make 4 treasuries right at the start and then switches to the other team's color to avoid pointing fingers. Also, when she doesn't like the teams, she leaves at start screen to prevent stats being recorded.DO NOT PLAY WITH HER!!!
I will update this list when I found more. As of now, the only cheater I found was 20122012. Be aware, DO NOT PLAY WITH HER!!!!

Year Clan:

Too lazy to open up Colony? Click on this then!

Note: To get the answer of the question, click on it! And these questions aren't directed at me....lol
1.Am I awesome?
2. How do I test my level of intelligence?
3. What are some strategies so that I can improve my 1v1/2v2 Colony skills?
4. I know many strategies already, but my skills aren't that good. How can I improve my skills?
5. What is the best site for computer gaming?
<img src="http://tinyurl.com/ls3nyyv">
[color=red]level of awesomeness=
I hereby dedicate this section of my profile to the awesomest Colony players ever: tinyurl.com/ny3jy9k

Guide of luscious foods!http://tinyurl.com/mx8gtwy
eat this: BK Suicide Burger
Eat even more of this,the Monster Mac!

Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND REMEMBER...BE HAPPY!https://media4.giphy.com/media/SMAgU9EBIdQRy/200.gif
PS:I know I shouldn't be giving away the Colony html "secrets", so I'm not. I'm just giving some tips. When changing the size/color of font, be sure to whisper the code twice. Or only your whisper will be like that. Good luck!

If you are over 18 years and play Colony, you are retarded. -The smartest person in the Colony community ever.
guest_8539: I was rank 120 when I forgot my password
guest_8539: youre f**ked

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