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I am a nice guy and I like to relax and travel. I also play alot of sports and I am good at them. Some sports I play are hockey, football and skiing. I've been to most of Europe, all of carribean islands, and Mexico. Feel free to talk to me, I won't mind. I am catholic, so I go to church. I am smart and try to get good marks on my report card. ------------------------------------------------------------ Our clan logo: ___________________ | \ HOLY BIBLE \ | | \ _ \ | \ \ _| |_ \ | |\ \ |_ _| \ | | \ \ | | \ | | \ \ |_| \ | | \ \ \ | | \ \ \ | | \ \_________________ \ | | \ / -- _ - ___ / | | \/__________________/ | Armor of God Christian Clan Logo By Jake297 Clan President: Deathbewithyou Established in 02/20/2012 -------------------------------------------------------- Our ranking system(Finally got this finished): Clan President second in command (yet to choose) Christian council (the Pastor is not really a rank, it is a title. This is given to those who are most inteligent when it comes to the Bible, and Jesus Christ) Pastor, Bishop, or ... (again this is a title. The librarian is someone who provides a ton of information posted on his about page that supports God, helps fellow christians to win an argument, shows other christian sites, etc. The information) Librarian (A seeker is someone who seeks other christians and convinces them to join our clan.) Seeker (Note: The stars represent what tier of the rank they are currently on. for example Rookie Missionary*** or Rookie missionary 6* for the amount of stars. There are a total of 10 stars before you go on to the next rank) Saint (Highest ranking member) Veteran Missionary Devoted believer Hand of God Missionary Warrior of God Prayer Warrior Holy knight Faithfull Squire Christ's Soldier Rookie missionary member(note: while you are a mamber you do not require stars to obtain the next rank.) It is the Christian council's job to promote members to another rank. To get promoted you need to join in activities, express your faith, giving good points in threads, etc. Just attending these threads or activities won't emmediatly give you a promotion so be patient. -------------------------------------------------------- Leader: deathbewithyou Christian Council: Jake297:Christ's soilder Joe96:disciple/seeker macfan1:Christ's soilder/seeker blk2860:discliple 44Flames:disciple Members: KatPryde: Christ's soldier, pkprince78: devoted believer gamer1111111: disciple/ seeker trakds: disciple ibrahimelias: devoted believer FreeCake172: devoted believer iamsuperawesome: devoted believer Faunbard: devoted believer murasaki9: devoted believer Mike870 devoted believer soldierperson: devoted believer jsalmeron: devoted believer matrixdiscoking: devoted believer ShinyCowBeast: Christ's soldier AfterBurner0 disciple StormDragon: devoted believer ponyo97: devoted believer nekosensei: devoted believer Population:24 -------------------------------------------------------- Announcements and activities for the clan: Announcements and activities for the clan: Matrxdiscoking renounced his member ship. So a seat is now open for a new council member. A contest! Hello people of earth. I have decided that we are going to have a writing contest. aye that it is lad! What are we writing you ask? Well isn't it obvious? No? Well I thought it would be obvious. Okay I shall tell you, but omly once, oh how I despise saying things twice. You are going to show what you would be saying as if you were in a sermon. That clear enough for you? It will be as if your the preacher. So do some good writing about something christianity like. I will be waiting. Whats that? You want to know when the contest end and how your going to send it to me and how long it has to be? Well first if you want me and the Christian Council to see it just put it on your about page. How long does it have to be? Well it needs to be 4 to 6 minutes long. And the time when you post these need to be at the end of march. Be sure to tell me or any of the Council that you posted it. Be sure to be clear with your work. Ah yes the reward you may rank up 1 or 2 times. (skipping all those stars of course) We need our clan to grow. So go out there and gather any christian willing to join. The christian council needs to have meetings at least once a week. We need to keep each other in the loop. All members are required to set up our clan logo on their about page. Please do not spam or use extremely obnoxious words when posting comments. If you have ideas for activities or prayer requests or anything important the clan should know/do, please let me or any member of the christian council know. When giving prayer requests, please be specific. Don't mentioning the person's or persons' name, but be specific. If there are any good christian movies or books please share with the clan. I figured we all ought to play at The Last Castle sometime. Of course only three can play together, but we can all go play there. Please give a possible time. I also checked out Exit path 2. We should try getting together there. Shellshock live is also a good place to group together. Just so people know my timeline is central time. So that people won't get mixed up with my time. -------------------------------------------------------- Prayer list: Trakds' church is planning a revival and a memorial day service. Christians debating on the forums. Pray for our soldiers who protect us. A friends friends girlfriend was in a car accident with family. Her sister and her are in the hospital. Macfan1's friend's Dad has heart problems and recently had surgery -------------------------------------------------------- The official AG2 'Armor-Points ranking system' : ___ 10 AP : Wood Serf ___ 25 AP : Iron Serf __ 100 AP : Gold Serf __ 225 AP : Wood Squire __ 400 AP : Iron Squire __ 625 AP : Gold Squire _1,200 AP : Wood Knight _1,750 AP : Iron Knight _2,250 AP : Gold Knight _3,000 AP : Wood Lord / Lady _3,500 AP : Iron Lord / Lady _4,000 AP : Gold Lord / Lady _4,500 AP : Wood Duke / Duchess _5,200 AP : Iron Duke / Duchess _6,000 AP : Gold Duke / Duchess _7,250 AP : Wood Prince / Princess _8,500 AP : Iron Prince / Princess 10,000 AP : Gold Prince / Princess 12,000 AP : Wood King / Queen 14,500 AP : Iron King / Queen 17,500 AP : Gold King / Queen -------------------------------------------------------- Check out these community threads: A poem about Hope Rock or Pop? Heaven or Hell?

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