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I'm a guitar hero addict with a good free rider 2 map in process this is MY map and only MY map do NOT sell this map as your own and do NOT add to this map! Please tell me what you think. P.s use bmx. (auto)

(note i know there are bugs please ignore)

-1i 27 2eh 285,2ee 286 2f3 28i 2fn 292 2ge 29k 2h9 2a5 2i2 2aj 2it 2b5 2jq 2bl 2kq 2c3 2lo 2ch 2mv 2d1 2o6 2dh 2p9 2e0 2ql 2ej 2s2 2f9 2tc 2fs 2ur 2gf 30d 2h2 320 2hn 33l 2id 35b 2j4 373 2jr 391 2kc 3b0 2kt 3d2 2lc 3eo 2lk 3gh 2lo 3ia 2lr 3k5 2lv 3m2 2lv 3o1 2lu 3q2 2lq 3s2 2ln 3u3 2lh 406 2l7 42a 2ks 44f 2kh 46k 2k2 48r 2jg 4b3 2ir 4db 2i6 4fj 2hg 4hr 2gp 4k4 2g0 4me 2f8 4on 2ef 4r1 2dl,4r0 2dg 4ru 3h4,4rk 36g 54c 2sg 5c6 35s 5mg 2ng,5mg 2o4 5rq 332,5rq 33c 5vi 2r8,5vi 2ri 648 31g 6f6 2ng 6nk 324 72i 2lu,72i 2m8 786 332,6j8 2te 6sa 2pm,6rm 2pc 6uq 2rs,63a 2vu 65q 2uc 664 2va,5no 2r8 5vs 2gk,5vs 2ga 6be 2pm,57q 2va 5cq 2sq 5gs 2vu,58e 2va 56s 2va,4r0 30s 52q 2q0 54m 2t4,5em 2te 5i4 2q0 5j2 2rs,7ci 210 7fm 1p6,7ci 210 74e 2qk,72i 2m8 72s 2e4 77i 2gu,6sa 2q0 6vo 2eo 72i 2km,6sk 2q0 6uq 2nq 6vo 2p2,7jo 1cm 7g0 1le,7je 1cm 7ms tc,7c8 1e8 7fc 1m2 7g0 1l4,7c8 1ei 77i ua,7h8 21a 7g0 1oi,7fc 1q4 7g0 1oi,-1i 26 -23 1n,-2r 15 -3k f -4b -a -4t -17 -5b -29 -5h -3c -5n -4h -5o -5g -5q -6d -5r -77,-5u -76 -84 -76 -7q u,-7g -76 -76 -7q -76 -8e -76 -92 -6s -92 -6s -9m -7g -9m -7g -92 -76 -92,-76 -7q -6s -7g,-76 -8e -6s -8o -6i -8o,-76 -8e -7g -8o,-84 -6s -5u -6s,-5u -68 -84 -68,-84 -5k -5u -5k,-5u -50 -84 -50,-84 -4c -5k -4c,-5k -3e -84 -3e,-7q -2g -5a -2g,-5k -34 -84 -34,-5a -1s -7q -1s,-7q -18 -50 -18,-7q -k -4m -k,7h8 210 7jo 2dg,-2q 18 -1s 1s,-7q -42 -5k -42,-6i -7g -6i -92 -5u -92 -5u -7q -68 -7q -6i -7q,-6i -92 -68 -9c -5u -92,-5u -7q -68 -7g -6i -7q,6cm 1hm 6f6 1lo 6lo 17c,6cm 1hm 68k 16o,6l4 17m 71k 6i,68k 17m 5m6 -2q,77i uu 6v4 6s,7ms ua 7sg 76,6ji 1na 6js 1qe,6k6 1qe 6lo 1nk,6le 1nk 74o li 75c gi,752 h6 74o h6,6ji 1n0 6ia 17c,6i0 1vo 6iu 1t8,6iu 1su 6js 1v4 6qo 2qa,6ia 1ve 69i 2ng,6kq 22i 6n0 1ts 6vo 2f2,6sk 286 6uq 1u6 77s 2fc,71k 23g 744 1ug 7am 26a,6o8 1i0 6p6 1nu 78g vs,6su 1hc 6u6 1mc 79o 16e,72i 1h2 75c 1m2 7bk 1c2,6ge 1ik 6hm 1l4 6j8 1ji,4r0 2jo 55a 2b0,55a 2ba 5ka 2pm,65q 10q 5tc 1ia 5ne 10q 5au b8,4r0 n4 55a 19i,55a 18u 5fa li 5fu do,4ra n4 4lm cg,5ec ne 5io uu 5l8 rq,6p6 21u 6qo 20c 6u6 21u,5cq 2i6 5k0 2eo 5so 2km,4qc mg 4lm 18u 4g2 rq,4fe s4 3v6 -26,4mu fa 44g -7q,5b8 de 4u4 -7g,8dm 1nu 8j0 1kg,7jo 2cs 7qu 20m 7vk 2dg 82o 27i,832 27i 874 2cs 8bq 286,8bq 28q 8e0 2c8,858 2a2 88c 21k 8c4 294,7uc 2a2 7va 27s 80s 2a2,7h8 228 7lk 1o8,7lk 1oi 7q0 236,7hs 24e 7l0 20m,7l0 210 7oe 24o,7j4 286 7la 26k 7m8 27i,7mi u0 7qu 1ag 87o f0,7kc 198 7mi 1c2,7mi 1bo 7qk 180,8ui 1b4 8ju mg,8u8 1aq 91c ne,8jk mg 8f8 16o 8ai o2 83m 164 7vk vi,808 uk 83m 12c,83c 122 87o t2,8u8 1ag 8ou 2cs 8fi 2l0,8ps 1h2 8po 1gf 8p7 1g6 8ok 1g5,8eu 2lk 8ek 2la,88c 358 7um 3f8 7ua 3fo 7tn 3g9 7t3 3go 7s9 3h6 7r7 3ho 7q1 3ho 7ol 3hf 7n4 3h5 7ll 3gj 7k6 3fr,7ig 3fs 7i5 3ge 7h3 3go 7g1 3gr,7ig 3fs 7i1 3gc 7hb 3gl 7gk 3gq 7fs 3gu 7f6 3h0,7ee 3im 76u 3k8 763 3k3 756 3jk 749 3ir 736 3i1 721 3h9 70l 3gi 6vf 3fv 6u6 3fd 6sr 3er,4hk 43s 4hu 446,4ck 4pe 4d8 4q2 4ds 4po,13 en -7u n,11 em 28o 3bp,28n 3bq 36a 4ng,6d0 33n 6d6 36a,6a5 37v 69o 387 699 37s,6ft 3sl 6c7 452 66p 4dh 60d 4kl,60b 4kk 5nj 4pv 5ct 4sc 4vn 4sh,3oa 51i 332 51s 2qk 50u 2g0 4tq,1ti 4ra 1kq 4ns 1k7 4nj 1jj 4nb 1it 4n4 1ia 4mq 1hm 4md 1h1 4lu 1gf 4le 1ft 4ko 1fc 4k2 1es 4ja 1ee 4ie 1e3 4hk 1dp 4gp 1dg 4fs 1d8 4eu 1d3 4e2 1cv 4d6 1cs 4c9 1cq 4bc,7eo 3jk 7f2 3i2 7h8 3ks 7iq 3n2 7lu 3r4,7eo 3jk 7e4 3nm 7dg 3tk,7fc 3im 7fm 3he 7iq 3lg 7n6 3qg,7ga 3jk 7ga 3im 7i6 3m4,rq 2o4 s4 2p2,rq 2o4 rg 2p2,122 35s qi 38c gs 3b6 b8 3bg am 3bg a0 3bg 99 3bg 8i 3bg 7r 3bd 73 3ba 69 3b2 5j 3ao 4v 3ac 4c 39u 3r 39e 3d 38q 2v 385 2g 37d,2g 37e 23 36t 1m 369 17 35j q 34v c 34c -3 33o -k 32v -18 321 -1p 316 -2c 308,-17c 1mm -15g 1o8,-17c 1mm -1ag 1k6 -1d0 1hc -1g4 1d0 -1i0 164 -1i0 q8,so 1s so -k,so 1s q8 1s#8ek 2la 8e0 2sg 8bg 33m 8ai 30i 89u 34a,8eu 2lk 8ja 2ri 8im 2oe 8k8 2r8 8lg 2p2 8me 2r8 8p8 2pc 8qg 2r8,8jk 2q0 8k8 2p2 8ks 2q0,8b6 32e 8bg 30s 8c4 31q,89u 37o 89u 34a,89u 37e 890 358 882 37e 87o 35s,50k 53o 4tq 4v2 4rk 542 4p4 4vm 4p4 50a 4o6 53o 4ma 4vm 4lm 500 4ko 53o 4i8 500 4gm 500 4hu 53o 4ao 542 4e6 50a 47k 500 47k 50k,47k 50a 46m 54c,46m 542 454 526 446 542,43s 542 40o 4vm 3r4 54m 3oa 52g 3me 55k 3oa 51i,6fg 1hm 6ei 1iu 6ei 1js 6f6 1js 6fg 1j8 6es 1j8 6es 1ji,6ei 1j8 6ei 1ji,6i0 1ia 6i0 1ji,6k6 1js 6lo 1ia 6k6 1ia 6le 1ji 6kg 1ji,6pq 1iu 6q4 1ik 6qe 1iu,6pq 1ia 6pq 1kg,6ug 1ik 6u6 1j8 6ug 1ji 6v4 1iu,6ug 1ik 6ve 1iu,75m 1ia 752 1ik 752 1iu 752 1ji 75m 1ji,7fc 1hm 7fm 1ji,7fm 1ia 7ga 1i0,7fc 1ia 7g0 1j8,6j8 1v4 6ia 210 6ik 21k,6iu 21k 6j8 21a 6iu 20m 6ik 210,6n0 1ve 6n0 21k,6qo 22i 6rm 21k 6r2 21k 6rm 22i 6qo 228,6uq 20c 6uq 22i,6uq 210 6ve 210,74o 20c 73q 210 744 21k 752 21a 74e 20c,7fm 1s0 7f2 1sa 7f2 1su 7fm 1su,7la 1rm 7la 1t8,7la 1sa 7m8 1s0,7la 1sa 7lu 1t8,-7q u -68 27s,7mi 198 7mi 1aq,7r8 17m 7qk 18a 7r8 18u 7ri 18a 7r8 17m,7qu 21a 7qu 22s,7vk 28g 7v0 294 7vk 29o 7vu 294 7vk 28g,2ga 51s 2eo 4uo 2bu 52g 2ac 4u4 28q 51s 27i 4u4 260 4vc 252 4tg 22i 50u 20m 4t6 1v4 4si 210 50k 20m 50k 1sk 4vm 1u6 4si 1su 4s8 1ti 4ra,2ga 51s 2g0 4tq,8ok 1g4 8ok vs,8ps 1h2 8u8 1ag,7k2 3fs 7kc 3ek,7jo 3fs 7jo 3eu,7je 3fs 7je 3eu,7je 3fi 7j4 3eu,7j4 3fs 7iq 3f8,7iq 3fs 7iq 3f8,7j4 3fs 7ig 3eu,7j4 3fs 7i6 3f8,7iq 3fs 7j4 3ea,7je 3fi 7je 3eu,7jo 3fi 7k2 3eu,q8 1s q8 -k so -k,so -a q8 -a,q8 0 so 0,so a q8 a,q8 k so k,so 18 q8 18,q8 k q8 u so u,so 1i q8 1i,pa 50 pa 2q qi 2q qi 3o pa 3o q8 4m qi 50,rg 42 rg 4m,rg 2q rg 34,rg 3o rg 50,so 50 so 2q tm 2q tm 3o so 3o,oc 50 tm 50,7fc 3h4 7fm 3he,7ee 3im 7f2 3i2,6su 3eu 6qo 3ki 6pq 3ic 6pg 3lq 6o8 3lg 6na 3p8 6n0 3nm 6le 3ta 6kq 3q6 6ik 42u 6fq 3sm,s4 2p2 10q 366,rg 2p2 no 39a#B -1f9 -1h 1q,B -1fi -n 22,B sb 26m 20,B -1gu -1c 1t,B -1h8 -12 23,B -1fo -6 1m,B -1h8 10 1m,B -1hr n 1f,B -1ie 4 1m,B -1g2 -1c 1h,B -1gl -p 1d,B -1ie -f 1o,B -1hh -1l 1f,B -1h8 -f 13,B -1gl -6 1d,B -1gu -6 1d,B -1hr 1a 1h,B -1gl n 1b,B -1ie 1a 1i,B -1i4 4 1r,B -1ie -6 1a,B -1hh d 1h,B -1ie 26 1f,B -1gl -p 1c,B -1ie 4 1k,B -1gu -p 1l,B -1g2 -12 1i,B -1gl -28 1k,B -1gb -f 1q,B -1gb -12 1h,B -1h8 d 1k,B -1h8 -1l 1u,B 1da 488 1o8,B 1da 496 1o8,B 1da 4a4 1o8,B 1da 4b2 1o8,B 1fg 4jq 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27c,B 172 156 27c,B 15q 13a 27h,B 13u 11o 27n,B 122 106 27h,B 106 uu 27f,B uk tc 275,B so rq 27t,B q8 pu 27h,B n4 n4 27i,B li li 27g,B jc k0 27c,B i4 io 27l,B gs hg 27n,B fa g8 27h,B e2 fa 27h,B cg do 27n,B au cg 279,B 92 au 27j,B 76 9c 27j,B 68 84 27h,B 4m 6s 27t,B 3e 5k 27n,B 26 4c 27n,B u 34 27n,B -a 26 27n,B 53e 496 20m,B 52q 496 20m,B 52g 496 20m,B 51s 496 20m,B 51i 496 1ts,B 51i 48s 20m,B 518 48s 1ts,B 51i 48s 1vr,O 6le 17m,O 6le 17m,S 6j8 1rm,S 6nk 1rm,S 6t8 1qe,S 752 1pg,S 6gb 1rp,B 7g 3as kh,B 68 3a8 kr,B 4m 39k le,B 42 38m le,B 34 37o lh,B 2g 36q lb,B 1s 35s ll,B 1i 34u lb,B u 34a ll,B a 33c ll,B 0 32o le,B -k 324 lq,B -164 1n0 l3,B -172 1mc l3,B -180 1le l3,B -18u 1kg l3,B -1ag 1ji l3,B -1be 1ik le,B -1cc 1hm l3,B -1fq 1cc m2,B -1g4 1aq m0,B -1go 198 m5,B -1h2 180 m2,B -1hm 16o m7,B -1hm 15g mg,B -1hm 148 mg,B -1hm 130 mg,B -1hm 10q mg,B -1hm se mg,B -1hm rg mg,B -1hm r6 mg,B -1hm qs mg,B -1fg 1i cj,B -1g4 -18 cj,T 7fm 1na,T 15g 1ug,T -164 -1t8,T -7q -aa
Here is my other free rider map it is no where near as good and is something you do when your bored use any vehicle but air ballon, ???, and helecopter.

-18 1i 18 1i,-r 25 s -33,-1p -2m 16 1m,-63 -2i -2s 1h,-5g 1s -3b -2g,2j -2u 5o 15,2u 17 5c -30,-5c 2o 64 1r,-48 4h -4d 35 -3r 33 -3o 3f,-3p 3e -4f 3k,-3k 3g -3h 48,-3k 3m -37 3e,-32 3p -2c 3n,-2c 3m -2u 3c,-2u 3b -31 43,-30 43 -2g 43,-1q 3b -2b 3h,-2a 3h -1t 3n,-1t 3o -26 45,-1f 3d -1m 3m,-1m 3l -1d 3s -1m 44,-6 39 -3 48,-5 3d 3 3e,-6 3t 6 3n,0 41 c 3t,g 3j g 3t,g 3o n 3j s 3t,18 37 18 40,11 3n 1f 3k,1h 3k 1r 3d,1r 3e 1j 3b 1j 3t,1j 3r 1t 3q,23 3e 23 46,23 3m 2g 3g,-4c 4o -4a 5u,-4p 4v -3q 4v,-3l 54 -3l 5u,-3l 5f -36 55,-2j 55 -26 5k,-23 59 -2i 6d,-d 57 -r 5k,-s 5k -k 62,-i 62 0 5h,0 5h -m 5e,f 4r f 5u,5 59 s 4v,17 4u 18 5q,18 5o 1g 5b 1p 5q,20 5c 2a 5c,2a 5b 22 55,1v 56 20 5l 2c 5m,2p 56 2p 5n,2p 5b 33 58,-4i 6i -49 7g -3r 6i,-3h 6u -35 6u -3h 6q -3f 77,-3e 77 -33 78,-2m 6i -2l 7a,-2l 7b -2e 6v,-2e 6t -22 7b,-1s 6t -1r 77,-1u 6g -1r 6i,-16 6k -1d 6t -14 75,-p 6i -o 75,-d 6q -2 6q -f 6h -c 75,f 6e 3 6l,3 6k f 6r 1 75,-a 74 -3 75,-5a 2o -52 84,-52 83 4a 83 64 1r##

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