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Dear all AG's friends (especially my bud- Unleash, Mino55, zZzDaProZzZ, BlkBelt, Jumpper, etc.) I m back!!!!! It s been a while, how have ya bean? xD Sr for the late reply guys but now i m quite busy with my real life- my job, relationships, etc oh.....I nearly forgot... i m keeping calm and taking a Yoga class dude :3 ================================================ (in case sum grRrRramar NAZi ask me "why u not use I? well i wanna make u calmer when ya listening to Rap songs laq") 1. Good times - Pain 2.Prozak - Turn Back 3. 2pac - Careless Whisper [Sucka for love] 4. Lil Wayne - God Bless Amerika 5. Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (dizzZhis Rock!!!!..i mean Rap!!!ppEEE) ================================================ Some FANtastickle channel in utube 1. FreddieW (RocketJump) 2. ScrewAttack! 3. Epic Rap Battles of History 4. What Does The Fox Say? LQL 5. Some FORKING COOQOOL VietnamESE RAPpErS ================================================ Thus, I will become very inactive in AG, and when I m in AG, MOST of the time I will play these games: 1. Hack Slash Crawl: Got a new high score after NOT played this addictive game for a while! YaYmE x3 The guide for getting all the titles of HSC xD 2. The Last Castle - Fun game to play with friendS xD 3. Fisher-Diver: quite nice to play again and again lah x3 4. Armor Games Snowball 2008: Also another interesting game of AG with the high-score in multiplayer mode to beat x3 5. Monomaze - quite an interesting puzzLE game to waste sum time :3

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