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Dear all AG's friends (especially my bud- Unleash, Mino55, zZzDaProZzZ, BlkBelt, Jumpper, etc.)

I m back!!!!! It s been a while, how have ya bean? xD
Sr for the late reply guys but now i m quite busy with my real life- my job, relationships, etc
oh.....I nearly forgot...  i m keeping calm and taking a Yoga class dude :3 
(in case sum grRrRramar NAZi ask me "why u not use I? well i wanna make u calmer when ya listening to Rap songs laq")

1. Good times - Pain

2.Prozak - Turn Back 
3. 2pac - Careless Whisper [Sucka for love] 
4. Lil Wayne - God Bless Amerika
5. Linkin Park x Steve Aoki - A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (dizzZhis Rock!!!!..i mean Rap!!!ppEEE)
Some FANtastickle channel in utube

1. FreddieW (RocketJump)

2. ScrewAttack!

3. Epic Rap Battles of History

4. What Does The Fox Say? LQL 

Thus, I will become very inactive in AG, and when I m in AG, MOST of the time I will play these games:

1. Hack Slash Crawl: Got a new high score after NOT played this addictive game for a while! YaYmE x3
The guide for getting all the titles of HSC xD

2. The Last Castle - Fun game to play with friendS xD

3. Fisher-Diver: quite nice to play again and again lah x3

4. Armor Games Snowball 2008: Also another interesting game of AG with the high-score in multiplayer mode to beat x3

5. Monomaze - quite an interesting puzzLE game to waste sum time :3

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