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Please do not ask about the 1%. There is no 1%
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Haha! Top 500!
I got a merit! Yay!

Special thanks to N33D_4_SP33D for being a helpful beta tester on my skate park fr2 track.

Free Rider 2 tracks
These are my free Rider 2 tracks. Please play them and give me feedback on what's good and what I should change, it would be greatly appreciated.

They are links to a free rider 2 database where you will be sent to my track immediately. REMEMBER TO VOTE! YOU DON'T NEED AN ACCOUNT TO VOTE! The voting bar is directly under the game.

Mountain Biking


This is my skate park. By the way, there are no goals in this track. PS. There is no difference in the skate park tracks, just the bigger one has more detail than the other.

Bigger. Play this track!!! It has about 50000 plays! I want it to be the most played track on rfshq!!! And vote!




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