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Hello everyone. I am around 5'11. Have blue eyes. Dark brown hair. Half white half Mexican. I can talk and write in spanish. I play video games. I am 16 years old. And if you think any of this isn't true you can check my facebook or somthing.... I will no longer play on this site, because the chat is gone... But somtimes i do. Me and booboo never talk to each other anymore. She doesn't want to talk to me so its just what ever. I miss everyone else , and by that i meant Jakecore and sc8er (and my friends :P). Anyway my 360 broke so I dont play anymore of that. I only play AVA, and some other FPS Online games. My email is FunnyThingsWithAJ@yahoo.com and i'm planning on making a funny seires on youtube, but as soon as i get what i need. Pretty much all you need to know.

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