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For those who are also in superbob111's football competition... omarzocco and masterperson -Browns, Broncos, Cardinals, Bears. superbob111-Texans, 49ers,Saints, Colts. 1zth-Buccaneers, Patriots, Jets, Redskins. JeffK3-Giants, Cowboys, Seahawks, Vikings. icie and matrixdiscoking-Steelers, Ravens, Dolphins, Rams. AJtheConquerer and AngelofDemon-Packers, Lions, Bengals, Chargers. TheSuperSaiyan1-Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Jaguars. Teams that can be traded: Cheifs, Titans, Bills. Teams on hold : Radiers - until 7/29/12 This is how to play: Ok so basicly every win one of your teams get is a point. I will add up the scores and the person with the most points wins. Say during the season you have a team that is doing bad; you can trade it for your team that is doing bad. Another thing you can do is trade teams with another person. If you would like to do one of these come to my profile and I will change it. Remeber everyone this is a friendly competion so its ok to be agressive but be nice.

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