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-18 1i 18 1i 18 1s 2q 1s 2q 2g 4c 2g 4c 3e 5u 3e 5u 4m 7g 4m 7g 68 92 68 92 84 aa 84 aa 7g c6 7g c6 76 e2 76 e2 6s fu 6s fu 6i gs 6i hg 6i hg 68 io 68 io 5u jm 5u jm 5k ku 5k li 5k li 50,18 1s 2q 1s 2q 2g 4c 2g 4c 3e 5u 3e 5u 4m 7g 4m 7g 68,2q 2g 4c 2g,5u 3e 5u 4m,92 68 92 84,-18 -a -18 1i,-18 -a -18 -u -26 -u -26 -bs 7f2 -bs,-2g -u -2g 4c,-2g 42 -2g au,-u 1i u 1i,mq 5u om 5u om 7q r6 7q r6 7g u0 7g u0 76 10q 76 10q 6s 10q 6i 13k 6i 13k 68,mq 5u mq 50 li 50,1ci 7m 1co 8d 1d2 98 1dc a0 1do ao 1e7 be,1et c4 1fq co 1gn da 1hi dq 1ij e8,1jr ek 1l1 et 1m4 f4 1n8 fa 1oc fc,1pi fc 1qr fb 1s0 f7 1t5 f2 1ub er,1vd ej 20f e6 21g dk 22b d2,236 c9 23s ba 24e a8 24u 93 25c 7v,25m 6i 2ac 6i 2ee 6i 2gu 6i 2gu 5u 2fc 5u 2f2 68 2ee 68 2f2 5k 2o4 5k,25k 6p 25l 6g,13u 68 1cc 68 1bo 6i 1c2 6s 1bo 7g 1cc 76 1c2 84 1cm 7q,148 68 13k 68,1e8 bi 1du c6 1e8 c6 1e8 cq 1es cg 1es cq 1es c6,1ik ec 1ia em 1iu em 1iu fa 1j8 f0 1ji fa 1js em,1o8 fa 1os fu 1p6 fa 1pg fk 1pg fa,1ve em 1ve fa 1uq f0 1uq fa 1u6 f0,236 c6 244 cg 244 d4 23q cq 23q do 23g de 23g do 236 do 22i do 22s d4 228 d4,25c 7q 25m 84 25m 7q 26k 84 260 7g 26u 7g 25m 6s,2h8 6i 2h8 5u 2mi 5u 2mi 6i,2ms 6i 2ms 5u 2nq 5u,2o4 5u 2nq 5u,2h8 6i 2mi 6i,2ms 6i 2o4 6i 2q0 6i 2s6 6i,2o4 5u 2oe 5u 2p2 5a 2oe 5a 2o4 5k,2oe 5u 2p2 5a,2pm 50 2qa 4c 32o 4c 33c 50 32o 50 32e 4m 316 4m 316 6i 34u 6i 36g 6i 382 6i 382 5a 374 5a 36q 5a 36g 5k 35s 5k 36g 50 3e0 50 3ea 4m 3eu 4m 3ea 5a 3d2 5a 3d2 6i 3h4 6i 3ks 6i 3lg 6i 3lg 5k 3ju 5k 3ja 50 3ju 50 3k8 5a 3qq 5a 3r4 50 3ro 50 3r4 5k 3ps 5k 3ps 6i 3t0 6i 3us 6i 3us 50 3u8 50 3tu 4m 3tk 4c 3u8 4c 3ui 4m 44g 4m 454 5a 44g 5a 446 50 43i 50 43i 6i,2pm 50 2qa 50 2qk 4m 2s6 4m 2s6 6i,2sg 6i 2sg 4m 30s 4m 30s 6i 2sg 6i,38c 5a 38c 6i 3co 6i 3co 5a 38c 5a,3lq 6i 3lq 5k 3pi 5k 3pi 6i 3lq 6i,43i 6i 4ao 6i 4e6 6i 4o6 6i 4ns 6s 4ds 6s,4o6 6i 4og 6i 4o6 6s 4ns 6s,4o6 6s 4og 6s 4oq 6i 4og 6i,4oq 6i 4p4 6i 4oq 6s 4og 6s,4oq 6s 4p4 6s 4pe 6i 4p4 6i,4pe 6i 4po 6i 4pe 6s 4p4 6s,4pe 6s 4po 6s 4q2 6i 4po 6i,4q2 6i 4qc 6i 4q2 6s 4po 6s,4qc 6i 4qm 6i 4qc 6s 4q2 6s,4qm 6i 4r0 6i 4qm 6s 4qc 6s,4r0 6i 4ra 6i 4r0 6s 4qm 6s,4ra 6i 4rk 6i 4ra 6s 4r0 6s,4rk 6i 4ru 6i 4rk 6s 4ra 6s,4ru 6i 4s8 6i 4ru 6s 4rk 6s,4s8 6i 4si 6i 4s8 6s 4ru 6s,4si 6i 4ss 6i 4si 6s 4s8 6s,4ss 6i 4t6 6i 4ss 6s 4si 6s,4e6 gi -26 gi -2g gi -2g au,3v6 6i 3v6 50 438 50 438 6i 3v6 6i,-26 -k -26 0,-26 -k -1i -k -1i 1s u 1s u 26 2g 26 2g 2q 42 2q 42 3o 5k 3o 5k 50 76 50 76 6i 8o 6i 8o 8e ak 8e ak 7q cg 7q cg 7g ec 7g ec 76 g8 76 g8 6s hq 6s hq 6i j2 6i j2 68 k0 68 k0 5u ls 5u ls 5a mg 5a mg 5u mg 68 oc 68 oc 84 rg 84 rg 7q ua 7q ua 7g 10q 7g 114 7g 114 6s 122 6s 13u 6s 13u 6i 1ag 6i 1aq 6i 1b4 6i 1b4 g8,-26 g8 -26 0,-2g -cg 84 -cg 4di -cg 4e6 -cg,-34 -u -34 k -50 k -50 -18 -3e -18,-34 k -50 k,-34 -18 -34 -u,-3e -u -3e a -4m a,-4c a -4c 0 -42 0 -42 -a -3o -a -3o -k -3e -k,-50 u -34 u -34 2q -50 2q -50 u,-34 u -34 2g -34 2q,-4m 18 -4m 2g -3e 2g -3e 18 -4m 18,-4m 1s -4c 1s -4c 26 -42 2g -3o 26 -3o 1s -3e 1s,-42 2g -4c 26,-50 34 -34 34 -34 50 -50 50,-34 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7q -5a 7q,-6i 84 -6i 9c,-6i 84 -5a 8e -5a 92 -6i 9c,-6i 9m -6i au -5a au,-6i 9m -5a 9m,-6i aa -5u aa,-6i b8 -5a b8 -5a bs -6i bs -5a cg,-6i bs -6i b8,-6i bs -6i cg,57q hq 57q li 7b0 li,278 6s 278 g8,1be g8 278 g8,-26 g8 1b4 g8,1be g8 1be 6i,1be 6s 1be 68,278 76 278 6i,27i 6s 4gm 6s,27i 6s 27i g8 4gc g8,-2g -cg -2g -bs -2g -a,-3e -u -4m -u -4m a,-34 -18 -3e -18,7ri 0 7ri ls 7ba ls,7b0 4m 7b0 4c,7ba li 7ba 4c 7je a 7r8 a 7r8 li,7qu li 7ba li,7qu li 7r8 li,7ri -bs 7ri -cg 4e6 -cg,7ri -bs 7ri a#4m -5k 68 -5k 6i -5k,5k -5k 5k -3o,4m -5k 6i -5k,6s -3o 7q -5k 8o -3o,76 -4c 8e -4c,4m -5k 6i -5k,4c -5k 2g -5k 2g -50 2g -4m 42 -4m 4c -4m 4c -3o 2g -3o,1go -34 1go -18 1ik -18,1go -34 1h2 -34 1ik -34 1ik -2g,1ik -1s 1ik -18,1iu -34 1iu -18,1kq -26 1iu -26 1kq -18,1ik -1s 1ia -26 1ik -2g,1ia -26 1go -26,1iu -34 1kq -34 1kq -26,1l4 -34 1l4 -18 1n0 -18 1n0 -34 1l4 -34,1na -18 1na -34,1na -26 1p6 -18,1na -26 1p6 -34,1pg -18 1pg -34 1rc -34,1pg -18 1rc -18,1pg -26 1qo -26,1rm -34 1rm -18,1ti -34 1ti -18,1rm -34 1ti -18,1ts -u 1ts -a,1ei 0 1ei -u,1ei 0 1ei u,1hm -u 1ik u,1ei 0 1ge 0,1hm -u 1go u,1h2 a 1ia a,1ge u 1ge -u,1iu -u 1iu u 1kq u,1l4 -u 1l4 u,1l4 -u 1n0 -u,1l4 0 1mc 0,1na -u 1na u,1na -u 1p6 -u 1p6 0 1na 0,1pg -u 1rc -u,1qe -u 1qe u,1pg u 1rc u,1rm -u 1rm u,1rm -u 1ti -u 1ti 0 1rm 0,1ts -u 1ts u 1vo u,1ts -u 1vo -u,1ts 0 1v4 0,3b6 0 3b6 1i,3b6 0 3b6 -a 3d2 -a 3d2 k 3b6 k 3d2 1i,3dc 1i 3ea -a,3f8 1i 3ea -a,3dm u 3eu u,4ue -u 4si -u 4si 0 4ue 0 4ue u 4si u,4uo -u 4uo u 50k u 50k -u,50u -u 50u u,50u -u 52q -u 52q 0 50u 0,534 -u 534 u 550 u,4vm 18 4vm 34 4uo 34,50u 18 50u 34 52q 34 52q 18,534 34 534 18 542 18 54m 18 550 18 550 34,542 18 542 2g,4vm 18 4uo 18 50k 18,534 -u 550 -u,534 0 54c 0,55a -u 55a u,55a -u 576 -u 576 0 55a 0 576 u,55a 18 55a 34,55a 18 576 18 576 26 55a 26,680 -6i 664 -6i 664 -5k 680 -5k 680 -4m 664 -4m,68a -4m 698 -6i 6a6 -4m,68k -5a 69s -5a,6ag -4m 6ag -6i,6ag -4m 6be -4m 6cc -4m 6cc -6i,6be -4m 6be -5u,6cm -6i 6ei -6i,6dk -6i 6dk -4m,6es -6i 6es -4m 6go -4m 6go -6i 6es -6i,6h2 -6i 6h2 -4m 6iu -4m 6iu -6i 6h2 -6i,6j8 -6i 6l4 -6i,6k6 -6i 6k6 -4m,6le -6i 6le -4m,6le -5k 6na -5k 6na -4m,6na -5k 6na -6i,6cm -42 6cm -4c 6cm -2g,6cm -3e 6ei -3e,6ei -4c 6ei -2g,6es -4c 6go -4c,6fq -4c 6fq -2g,6es -2g 6go -2g,6h2 -4c 6h2 -2g 6iu -2g,6j8 -4c 6j8 -2g 6l4 -2g,6le -4c 6na -4c,6le -3e 6na -3e 6na -2g,6le -2g 6na -2g,6le -4c 6le -3e,92 -3o au -3o,a0 -3o a0 -5k 92 -5k,a0 -5k au -5k,b8 -3o b8 -5k d4 -5k d4 -4m b8 -4m d4 -3o,de -5k fa -5k,de -5k de -4m fa -4m fa -3o de -3o,3fi 1i 3he 1i,3gg 1i 3gg -a 3fi -a,3gg -a 3he -a,3ho -a 3ho 1i 3jk 1i,3ju 1i 3lq 1i,3ju k 3lq k 3lq 1i,3ju -a 3lq -a,3ju -a 3ju k,7j4 0 7j4 -1s 7j4 -26 7r8 -26,7je -26 7r8 -26,7jo -26 7j4 -26,7je -1s 7je -a,7je -1s 7kc -1s,7je -18 7k2 -18,7km -1s 7lk -1s,7l0 -1s 7l0 -a,7km -a 7lk -a,7lu -a 7lu -1s 7ms -a 7ms -1s,7n6 -1s 7o4 -1s,7ng -1s 7ng -a,7n6 -a 7o4 -a,7oe -1s 7pc -1s,7oe -1s 7oe -18 7pc -18 7pc -a 7oe -a,7pm -a 7pm -1s,7pm -18 7qk -18,7qk -1s 7qk -a,7qu -1s 7qu -u,7qu -k 7qu -a#T 76u 3e,T 4ae 5u,T 17m 5k,T 27s 5k

Super Helico
-18 1i 18 1i 26 1i 50 1i 84 1i gi 1i io 1i,-18 1i -2g 1i,-2g -18 26 -18 50 -18 50 -6s jc -6s,-2g -18 -2g 1i,7q 1i 7q -3o a0 -3o 9m -3o,a0 -3o a0 1i,cg -6s cg -u em -u em -6s,cg -u em -u,cg -u em -u,j2 1i io 1i,io -6s j2 -6s,h6 -26 h6 18 h6 1i h6 -4c jc -4c,j2 1i jc 1i oc 1i se 1i se -6i se -6s qi -6s,jc 1i jc -4c,jm -6s jc -6s,jm -6s o2 -6s oc -6s qi -6s,-1i 1i a 1i,mq 1i mq -1s n4 -1s n4 1i pu 1i pu -1s q8 -1s q8 1i#-1i -2g -1i -1i -u -1i -1i -1i,-k -2g -k -1i,-a -1i -a -2g a -2g,-a -26 0 -26,k -2g 18 -2g,u -2g u -1i,1i -2g 1i -1i 26 -1i 26 -2g 1i -2g,2g -2g 2g -1i,2g -2g 34 -2g,2g -26 2q -26,3e -2g 3e -1i,3e -2g 42 -2g,3e -26 3o -26,u -3e 18 -3o 18 -2q,u -2q 1i -2q,-1i -2g -1i -1i,8o -76 9c -76 9c -7g 9c -7q 8o -7q 8o -84 9c -84,9m -84 9m -76 aa -76,ak -76 au -84 b8 -76,ak -7g b8 -7g,bi -76 bi -84,bi -76 c6 -76,cg -76 cg -84 d4 -84 d4 -76 cg -76,de -76 de -84 do -76 e2 -84 e2 -76,bs -8e b8 -8e bs -92 bi -9c b8 -92,jc 1s jc 2q k0 2q,ka 2q kk 1s ku 2q,ka 2g ku 2g,l8 2q l8 1s ls 2q ls 1s,m6 2q m6 1s mq 26 mq 2g m6 2q,n4 2q n4 1s,ne 2q ne 1s o2 2q o2 1s,oc 26 oc 2g om 2q p0 2g om 2g,oc 26 om 1s p0 26,pk 2q pk 1s q8 1s q8 2g pk 2g,qi 2q qs 1s r6 2q,qi 2g r6 2g,rg 2q rg 1s s4 26 s4 2g rg 2q,mg 34 ne 34 ne 3e n4 3o mq 3o,n4 3o ne 42 ne 4c mg 4c#

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