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  • Wii: It broke!(Not as good as the Wii U)
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Hey let me introduce myself. I like: Anime Drawing Basketball Manga Spicy curry Sushi Watermelons More about myself Nickname:Li~Chan Hobby: sports, reading manga Favourite Manga: Chibi Vampire Favourte anime: Black Rock Shooter What am I? AN OTAKU! I have a yahoo and hotmail account but I only give mine out to my friends. And that means those who revealed their faces to me several times in person. --------------------------------------------------- "did you just fall?" "No. I attacked the floor" "Backwards?" "I'm freaking talented!" ------------------------------------------ Why can't life be based on an Anime? I just wan't things to be more predictable so I know what to do and not screw up JK I'm not like THAT. Predictable is boring. I wan't things to be unexpected. Like an Anime! ---------------------------------------------------- If life gives you Edward Cullens, Throw him out the window and ask for Zero Kiryu ----------------------------------------------------- "You slapped me!" "I hi-fived your face!" ------------------------------------------------- A regular boy will only need to go through puberty once to get his deep voice. Justin Beiber needs to go through puperty at least 3 times before getting his deepish voice. ------------------------------------------------ RUN FOREST RUN!! ------------------------------------------------- If you are reading this, don't stop or your head will explode. John was a very kind fellow but he was obsessed with chain mails. One day he forwarded message to a friend and he died the next day. If you copy&paste this message to anyone, even one person you will die in 24 hours. STOP THESE ****IN CHAIN MAILS! --------------------------------- Remember to NEVER anger me

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