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I am a computer programmer and game enthusiast who, like most of us here, enjoy the games and community that Armor Games has to offer. My favorite genres are easily puzzle and strategy, but nothing is more fun than solving the puzzle of reverse-engineering a program or cracking a new game.

When I'm not reviewing or writing code, or cracking down on a puzzle, I'm fulfilling my completionist tendencies by earning achievements. Nothing makes a dull game more exciting than setting an arbitrary goal with a reward for completion, and as such I have spent way too many hours in games like Epic Battle Fantasy 4 grinding to deal insane amounts of damage and kill insurmountable foes.

As a point of personal pride, when the new quests for Cursed Treasure 2 were released on July 30th, I was the first to earn the Free Coast Superstar achievement. Here's a screenshot; as you see, even though the achievement is lit up for me, it says nobody has earned it yet. Upon reloading the page, the number of players who'd earned it changed to 1. =D

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