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Im a self employed Creative Sound Designer, owner of BrainBox Sound. I have worked on various short films and award winning animations providing strange soundscapes, eclectic music and sound effects to bring projects to life.
I make acoustic songs, electronic songs, dance tunes, piano tunes, strange tunes, anything that I want really...

Download 43 tracks completely free at:


including various collaborations, like with my friends in the band "The Great Insanity" Robert Davidson and Keith Duncan, who are only two of the awesome singer/songwriter/multitalented type people that I use to make music without shame.
I dont want your email added to my "fanbase" as download exchange, I dont want your money, you cant buy these tracks off bandcamp anyway :P

Use them in games or remixes or anything you please, so long as credit is given and please pass it around freely to listen to.

I am also part of The Great Insanity

The message we bring is one of hope and despair, love and hate, grim realities and paranoid delusions, great ideas and murky thoughts. We are driven to share.

Download our tunes from Bandcamp. Its completely free for the whole album but donations are welcome.
TheGreatInsanity Bandcamp

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