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  • AIM: Nope
  • MSN: Yes, but i'm not telling you
  • Yahoo: Hmmm i might have one but i may have forgot it
  • XBOX Live: Dam i wanna get it (have Xbox)
  • Wii: Sold it to get an xbox!
  • PSN: Nahhh
  • SteamID: Wtf is a SteamID?


Back to school might be on AG a bit in the hols guys
^^^ My Youtube Channel.
Check it out, it has videos of me doing Exit Path 2 Multiplayer and Uniplayer.
My old account was CheEagle(now disabled) and this is my new
primary account
Angel Clan logo made by AngelOfDecisiveness
I like to play: johnmerz, GhostOfPain, AngelOfZen, xKitKatx, GhostOfMatrix, GhostOfRazgriz, HatingOnFangz, please tell me if i have missed anyone.
This is my main account, for posting messages on people's profile and in the forums.
My alternate account is theredhare.

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