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Okay So Here I TehFangz I've been a member of armorgames since 8/14/08
That's August/14th/2008. And All I play in this armorgames site would be.Colony/ExitPath/ExitPath2. There and I quit the angels because now these days I find clans very pointless to against up. And now since I have a girlfriend I don't play at all because I'm to busy going out with her. So anayways like I said I quit And here are some facts about me :).
-I'm 14 years old.
-I'm 5'11 tall.
-I'm 142 pounds.
-I'm A MLG Player for Team "FinalBoss"
-I'm In ObeyAlliance yt/ObeyAlliance
-1st gen of AG AND 2ND GEN

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