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Leader: Chaze100 Assistant: \nTimegoesby\r
1.Timegoesby =131pts Rank: Hammerhead
2.Roadripper =90pts Rank: Lion
3.Joylord =71pts Rank:Bear
4.Turt =68pts Rank: Tiger
5.Cool9654 =60pts Rank: Bear
6.Lilbio3000 =22pts Rank:Squirrel
7.Octobokid95 =18pts Rank: LIzard 8.KillaH1234567 =15pts Rank: Lizard
9.Crazynaitor =14pts Rank: Frog
10.Romor =9pts Rank: Mouse
11.Lorddraike =8pts Rank: Mouse
12.Xcalibur45 =8pts Rank: Mouse
13.Hitmanvp95 =7pts Rank:Mouse
14.Kevin44 =6pts Rank: Mouse
15.ManUtd4life096 =5pts Rank: Mouse
16.Lordpenguin =5pts Rank: Mouse
17.Darkd00m =0pts Rank: None
18.Godzilla2009 =0pts Rank: None
19.Evil Empire =0pts Rank: None
20.Ghostofchaos12 =0pts Rank: None
21.Buddyfive =0pts Rank: None
22.Pollishofficer =0pts Rank: None
23.Craze77 =0pts Rank: None
24.Nicenicejt =0pts Rank:None
25.Darkroot =0pts Rank:None
26.MarkedTarget6 Rank: None
27.DrakoKirby Rank: None
28.the_last_stand_rulez = 0pts Rank:None
29.Cholokid =0pts Rank: None
30.Kalkara Rank:None
31.__Michael__ =0pts Rank: None
32.Vitamins =0pts Rank:None
33.Death_Bringer Rank: None
\n28.\r\n29.\r\n30.\r\n\r\nHow to get points: leave a comment on any game that evolves animals the comment must be at least 1 paragraph long and must make sense i will give you a 1-10 on it and that's how many points you get. Another way to get points is to type a paragraph about an animal it has to be at least 1 paragraph to count and i will give you a 1-10.\r\n\r\nDemonstration for telling me which game you put a comment on:\r\n\r\nGame: Big fish\r\nTime played: 15 minutes\r\nComment length: 2 paragraphs\r\n\r\nPts for each rank\r\n1 PT = Ant\r\n2 PTS = Cricket\r\n5 PTS =Mouse\r\n10 PTS= Frog\r\n15 PTS = Lizard\r\n20 PTS = Squirrel\r\n25 PTS = Turtle\r\n30 PTS = Cat\r\n35 PTS = Snake\r\n40 PTS = Dog\r\n45 PTS = Wolf\r\n50 PTS = Werewolf\r\n60 PTS = Bear\r\n65 PTS = Tiger\r\n80 PTS = Lion\r\n95 PTS = Barracuda\r\n115 PTS= Hammerhead \r\n145 PTS= GreatWhite\r\n175 PTS= Whale\r\n200 PTS= Elephant\r\n250 PTS= Mammoth \r\n\r\n**********************************************

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