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Welcome to Anthonyk30’s page! Here you will find clan news, personal opinions, latest news, drawings, and more! Check it out! :D
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Clan News: This is where all latest clan news for A.G.M.O.T. is.__________________________________
MISSION STATEMENT: The clan is the Military Operation  team of AG. We may find spam, but our main job is to fight to protect and help people of AG. We stand up for the laws set by the AG government and we Help obtain Justice, Keep peace, and grow and prosper AG! That my friends is the mission of A.G.M.O.T.
If you want to know more check out Blackbetltr0’s page here >>>

My news: News about what I’ll be doing and such since the latest update is here.___________________
This was last updated on 10/14/13. I like to draw hand-made pictures (which is why they suck lol XD), so I have made more of those. Lately, I haven’t been very active so I’ll try to talk more and interact. Alright, I’m pretty much done for now. Btw, leave a comment down below if you like anything on my page. Feedback is always welcome no matter what it is! :D
Faces Page: All my hard worked faces. Hope you enjoy!
Obvious Faces:
:)    Happy 1
:(    Sad 2
>:)    Evil 3
:O    Shocked 4
>:O    Angrily shocked 5
:D    Really happy 6
:P    Silly 7
>:(    Angry 8
:|    Normal 9
;)    Winking 10

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