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Hey all!

I'm the ArchKnight, a regular ArmorGames player who is always up for trying a new game on the web.

If you are taking your time reading my bio, then I thank you and hope you are having fun on the ArmorGames site =]

"Hope is as colourful as it can be...Believe in it" - I.M.

I'm seen around in the forums from time to time and I enjoy what great comments the community has to offer.

I have met and spoken to some amazing people here on ArmorGames, and many of my friends are just some of them. They are always welcoming and I am never out of laughter when I'm with them :D

Nowadays I'm usually on Shell Shock Live with my good friends Gold_Lightning, Salcin and Shadow =)

Anyway, thats just about it from me for now so if I see you around then...well er, I’ll see you :-)

Updates: Last Update 28.06.2012

Hello again! Well I can safely say that my last exam is over with and long gone. I'm back here very soon but will be away a little to get myself organised and possibly even get some new stuff for the holidays! Wow, I can't believe that it's all nearly over. As some of you already know I'm finishing school tomorrow and will be celebrating it in style with all the best of my friends there alongside me. Hope that you guys all have fun too whilst I'm away!

See you around and we'll talk soon!
- ArchKnight

Where am I?
Having a break away but wishing that he was here very soon :-)

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