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Hey all! I'm the ArchKnight, a regular ArmorGames player who is always up for trying a new game on the web. If you are taking your time reading my bio, then I thank you and hope you are having fun on the ArmorGames site =] "Hope is as colourful as it can be...Believe in it" - I.M. I'm seen around in the forums from time to time and I enjoy what great comments the community has to offer. I have met and spoken to some amazing people here on ArmorGames, and many of my friends are just some of them. They are always welcoming and I am never out of laughter when I'm with them Nowadays I'm usually on Shell Shock Live with my good friends Gold_Lightning, Salcin and Shadow =) Anyway, thats just about it from me for now so if I see you around then...well er, I’ll see you :-)

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