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Sorry everybody for being lazy in the forum rpgs. I'm trying but I'm losing interest and mentally fatiguing. I'm sorry if it annoys anyone. I bit more than I can chew with Old Saeron. If your still interested I'll try to post or if one of my fellow rpg hosts wants to take over a bit. I'll take any advice I can get. Thanks everybody. 


Old Saeron

Scavenger: Perception, Endurance, Shotgun, Pistol
Soldier: Strength, Endurance, Rifle, Melee
Recon: Agility, Perception, Pistol, Rifle
Engineer: Perception, Intelligence, Explosives, Pisol
Medic: Intelligence, Instinct, Pistol, Blade
Leader: Charisma, Instinct, Pistol, Persuation
Mentalist: Charisma, Perception, Pistol, Psionics
Sniper: Perception, Instinct, Rifle, Pistol
Adept: Willpower, Instinct, Psionics, Pistol
Survivalist: Endurance, Instinct, Shotgun, Blunt
Minister: Willpower, Charisma, Persuation, Psionics
Assassin: Agility, Instinct, Blade, Rifle
Guard: Endurance, Willpower, Blunt, Shotgun
-Equipment includes gas masks, flashlights, torches, binoculars, and castor devices.

-A castor device is a device that allows a user to use a psionic skill. A castor device needs to be charged with psi which is the energy from the mind. One can channel psi into a device by meditating for a time.

-Your items list, which originally says 10 items, you will fill out in the beginning. But if you can't come up with ten that is fine just pick 2 or 3 things.
Various Updates
-The term city is misleading. Old Saeron, Talipore City, and Sargeanon are old large regions the size of 100 Square miles each.

-I'm lowering the player need to 3.

-Robot companions and pets are allowed as long as they are reasonable.

-If you have questions please ask them no matter how simple you think they are.

-I mixed up Psyche and Physique. Physique is your body and Psyche is your mind.

-For those doing the RP include in your bio descriptions to compensate for not having actual stats. So if you want to be a mentalist don't put "I'm a mentalist." Say something like "I am skilled at manipulating people."

-Both RP and RPG: I simplified the stats so they are more aesthetic and simpler. Don't skimp on your bio. There you describe If you are friendly or smart or fast or strong. If this isn't detailed enough I will assume you are a really average person.
-Also Psionic skills will be controlled by castor devices. A skill like fireball will need a way to launch it like a castor glove. These will need to be charged with Psi though. You can charge the psi by spending ten minutes to increase the Psi in the device by your psyche.
P1- I spend 30 minutes charging my castor glove.
Me-You recharge the castor glove's psi by 3 times your psyche.
P1- I spend 50 psi to launch a fireball.
Me- You successfully launch a large fireball.

-The castor glove can hold 100 psi. You can spend anywhere from 1 (a tiny flame the size of a almost burned out wick) to 100 (GIGANTIC fireball)

-Thanks for reading hope you enjoy.

-About me-

I am an eccentric. I have a FISH HAT. Don't ask. I love rps and rpgs. And yes I do post on my own page.

This is Psionics

These are the forum games I'm playing right now.
Strike or Stealth

Zombie Survival



Zombie Apocalypse

First Attempt At My Own RP it was a fail but if you are interested post that interest and I will put a link to a new one once I get it put together (95%) :

Chosen Ones


Nova Reloaded


Haunted Labyrinth

Realistic Zombie Survival





Monster Survival

Beyond this you need know nothing. O.o

oh and i have a purple cat

=(^   .   ^)=
  /'''''☢''''''\         )

He will claw your eyes out if you mess with him.

Got to room 30 in give up.. then gave up.
Posted on almost all nonrps threads in the forum games up to page ten for a few hours.

Try Haunted Labyrinth its my second forum attempt and its is fairly successful so far. Thanks ;D

My newest rp and rpg Old Saeron is up finally. Play this one too. I hope you like it.

You can also call me Schnebly.
I am 16 (17 in February) Smart and Idiotic. I Capitalize Way to Much.
My favorite moment in Armor Games history.Click Me

If yo gots beef with mee then jus say it gots that? O.o

Any suggestions or info on how to make my profile better would gladly be acknowledged. Thank You my friends.

Special Note:
PwnajLeadah981 My best friend in AG.
pangtongshu for giving great suggestions to make this ^^^ look better
Clancy12 for supporting my armatar choice. (no I'm not gay its just a purple armatar higher than the no pointer)
~too be continued~

Rawr It's Purple

My cat trys to eat my phish thats why the are in space.

I also have a frog I have told my cat if he eats it it will kill him. He's don't pretty well I've only had to reanimate each of the a few dozen times.

Now going Here also.

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