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See the blue cotton candy around my hand? That's no ordinary candy. It's ARM CANDY.

I'm in the CTC2PP Hall of Fame 9 times.

My Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack castles, as follows.

Tactical Ice
Dynamite City
Stone Bunker
Scrap Metal Yard
Low Clearance
The Perch - Round 1 Winner
Chesterfield - Round 2 entry - second place
Iron Perch
Moroccan Nights
Castle Air Jordania - Round 4 Winner
Shockholm Syndrome - Round 5 Winner
Crystal Cove
Our Lord of Lava - Round 6 entry - second place
Sundance Palace - Round 7 entry
TNT Emporium - Round 8 Winner
Congo Thrift Mansion
Xiaolin Master Temple - Round 9 entry - second place
Rickety Pyramid
Potion Factory
Four Elevators
Arctic Gas and Electric - Round 10 Winner
60 Doors to Hell
Timber Towers
C4 and Quicksand
98 Barrels of Beer - Round 11 entry
The Old Harbor Master - Round 12 Winner
Sand Castle Hall - Round 13 entry - third place
Pierre's Picnic - Round 14 entry
En Vogue Condos - Round 15 Winner
Pyramid Scheme - Round 17 entry
Rocky Mountain Roof - Round 18 entry - second place
Solo Flare
Keystone Temple
Towers of Time
Amish Citadel
Bronze Arches
Ranger Station New Roof
Chateau de Toilette - Round 19 Winner
Alpine Tudor
Head Count
One Day at the Factory - Round 20 entry - second place
Forest Fire Hazard
Boston State Castle - Round 21 entry - second place
Blue Citadel - Round 22 entry
Bomb the Barn - Round 23 entry - second place
Island Emperor
City of the Doors
St. Mark's Wormhole - Round 24 Winner
Solar Pagoda
Third Rock From the City - Round 25 entry
Onyx Palace - Round 26 entry

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