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The Family

Founder - shadedclan {Retired Don}

1.Don - Kingmike123
2. Consigliere - LiL_GaNgSta_BlAzE
3. Underboss - SLEEPYSNIPER
4. Caporegime - Snakebite
5. Soldier - Jack8Black8

These men above will be the first five and will be the most powerful of all the ranks and will have to respect the Boss me, shadedclan, and will be calling Godfather

Commander of Associates: - Xrunner


1- Jack8Black8
2- Danstanta
3- seize_the_element
4- Fyrefox
5- Fritz_Rublehem
6- kill3r
7- Supersmiley
8- Ricardor
9- L337
10- theone99
11- capartyboy1212
12- knight_34
13- supersmiley
14- random_player_of_ag
15- tennisman24
16- andyandythin
17- BladeofBlood
18- Dacer

The mafia's Ten Commandments

1. No one shall dis-recpect a member of the outfit.
2. Never threaten a high ranked leader.
3. Respect is the key to total domination
4. Do not, betray your brothers!
5. Always being available for The Family is a duty
6. Appointments must absolutely be respected.
7. Members within, shall be RESPECTED
8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.
9.Do NOT engage unless provoked!
10. Power, Loyalty, Respect -OUR CODE!

If you wish to be apart of something great, then you shall ask, but be aware, not all who seek, may enter.

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