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Welcome to ArmorStories writing and publishing Inc.


Co-CEO's: Cowmaster1 and Nurvana

Writers: Secretmapper, jeol, OperationNilo, CommanderDude7, Cinna, RightwRong, slayguy8, DaemonVeril, RN20K


The Cow Story
By: cowmaster1

'Day went and night came. "Okay cows, we’re breaking out of this farm," said Ross to the other cows.
Whispers rose around the barn. Some cows thought this was all a joke and went back to bed. The youth fidgeted with excitement. After a lengthy discussion with the elders, they broke down the barn door down, then the fences of the pasture.'

Endril and End Cold

'DD chuckled to himself. The rabbits were getting so stupid these days, and now they were practically falling in his lap. As he began calculating his attack, Cowmaster alighted on the tree. It was dead, and while Cowmaster was slightly unnerved by the lack of cover, he stayed, hunched down as far as he could. Nurv progressed towards the edge of the garden, following a trail of scattered parsley. DD crouched, and was prepared to pounce. As Cowmaster surveyed the landscape, a relaxed voice said quietly from the tree,
"Why hello there." As Cowmaster jumped up in surprise, DD made his move.'

The Pearl of Life Chronicles

Upon the casting of the spell by the priest, the king used magic to teleport the boy and the princess. "May you be the one" That was the last words of the king.

The Land of Antonia

As Lan was chopping a small wooden table in several pieces to be recicled, he heard a loud bang at the door. He looked from the yard.  The carpenter was hiding in the table, and the Imperial Guard destroyed the door with their fists. They took the carpenter and started interrogating him.
  "Where is he!?!?!?!" A guard screamed " Where is he?!?!?!"
  "Get away from me!" The carpenter hopelessly said. "Please!"
They murdered him on the place. Lan climbed the wall and got into the roof. As he climbed up, he saw a guard in the roof waiting for him.
He punched Lan's face, a crack was heard, and Lan was  left unconscious.

Of Mice and Mouse
By: jeol

David stepped outside. He was amazed at the amount of huff in the puff, but who would know. He slipped down an alley to avoid a police cruiser. You put a boost in your step, then you have to work twice as hard to bring it back again. Bother.
The walk back was long and troublesome, there being an accident a block from his house. That meant police. Finally taking the last turn, he ended up in front of his house that suddenly burst into flames.

The Fire Rekindled
By: CommanderDude7

Suddenly the transmission was cut short at the same time as a beam of light stabbed upwards from the ground slicing the Steadfast like bread and continuing through to visit the same destruction on the Valiant.
"What was that?" shouted McVolt as the power of the beam and the destruction of the ships sent explosions that rocked the Endurance.
"we dont know sir" said Spalding as he fought to keep his seat.
"Well get us out of here quick before we go the way of the Steadfast and Valiant." shouted McVolt.

By: Secretmapper

I don't have any magical powers. I'm not like them...I'm...different. It never seemed quite fair. The only time I would feel close to my family was with pretending magic. Shooting a rock at a bale of hay and it catches fire. Of course I knew it was my father.

Now that I'm 10, My family is sending me to Japan, so that I can spend my "enlightment" there. It is our family tradition for a ten year old boy to finally receive all of the magic that he meant to have. They said that I should spend it in Japan just to "see something new". But I know they just want that to happen so that our relatives don't see how weak I am.

The Penguins Problem
By: slayguy8

There once was a village of penguins. No ordinary village, but one that was very, very advanced. There leader was Freeze. This bird was a good bird that treated everyone with respect. He was the mind that made the village so advanced. He soon grew old and fragile. He had to give his reign up to his evil son named Ice. Ice was a devil-ish that thrived on chaos. Freeze said," Son, you got to take over my reign. I know you will change many things about the village but make it for the better okay?" Ice said," Sure, whatever. If I do what you want me to do then fine.I'll be just as happy if I don't do it also." Then Ice turns away very quickly. Leaving the sight of his father. He knew the days of his father's reign was numbered, and he didn't to spend more time then he ever does with his father.

If you would like to join just ask, we would love to have you on the team

Now let's all thank cowmaster1 for putting this profile together and running ArmorStories and Nurvana for the idea of ArmorStories.

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