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<font face="courier" color="#e00707"><strong>Your name is DAN. You have a range of HOBBIES and INTERESTS that other people think are SERIOUSLY UNCOOL. These include ANIME, MANGA, COMIC BOOKS, the entirety of the SCI-FI AND FANTASY genre and SWEET WEAPONRY. You also enjoy studying SOCIOLOGY and POLITICS which makes you SURPRISINGLY EVEN LAMER. Amongst other things that you feel people should know is the fact that you're ASEXUAL - something which you're quick to make BAD JOKES about as you have a TERRIBLE SENSE OF HUMOUR. Your birthday is 18 JULY and your astrological sign is CANCER. You remain skeptical of anything SUPERNATURAL, however, and consider much of it to be SILLY SUPERSTITION. Your chumhandle is fetteredCheese and you speak using a totes awesome mix of verbose verbiage and sweet street slang.</font></strong>

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