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Well, people suggested that I change my about from "BWAHAHAHAHAH!" I guess I'll do that, maybe something ABOUT me. --------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Food: -Burgers and Fries -Orange Chicken Favorite Book: -The Hunger Games Series -Alex Rider -Percy Jackson and the Olympians Favorite Movie: -The Blues Brothers -Pirates of the Carribean -Star Wars -Avatar -A-Team Favorite Bands: 1. Led Zepillin 2. Mettalica 3. Rush 4. AC/DC 5. The Doors --------------------------------------------------------- "You can get more with a kind word and a gun, then just a kind word." - Al Capone ---------------------------------------------------------- I am a 14 year old nerd. I'm also on my schools Basketball team, 1st on our confrence. I have friends... I think ----------------------------------------------------------

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