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I often play video games, at other times im reading or walking my dog. I love all animals and all but two subjects in school. [Message to clan members from s9b1: Hi. How are you?. Lets get ready to rock! Practice your skill. Lets return to clan war. Lets win!!!! Also, there is a chatbox in the clan website. Come visit and chat to other members and give some ideas to improve the clan. ] ---------------------------- Basic member list of the Myth Clan Updated edition (Aug 01. 2012) ___________ Welcome to The Myth Clan - We would like to recuit new members. If anyone want to join, go to s9b1 for joining request. ---------------------------------------- Purpose- 1.) Join it for fun! 2.) Or joining it because you want to fight and be an expert at the games you want! ---------------------------------------- Clan Commander-s9b1 - Assistant Commander- - Lieutenant General- - Major General- - General- - Colonel- - Lieutenant Colonel- - Major- - Captain- - First Lieutenant- - Second Lieutenant-demonninja10 - - Sergant-Clausse Sergant-Kazey_hazey - - Corporal-killixer_Jr Corporal-Steven17207 - - Specialist-lordkazuya Specialist-cjhall Specialist-soldierperson Specialist-daleks Specialist-Demon_Princess Specialist-bmadojo Specialist-Masterofcolony - - Member-massmurrder Member-iSabby Member-beckitten27 Member-Desmo46 Member-flamingredace14 Member-JeffK3 Member-McSwagga Member-Skeleton_Pilot Member-MetalHeart Member-gekleak Member-SpeedyDEMONx Member-light_chaser Member-derp3101 Member-ArmorYoshi Member-Evoza Member-phones Member-killersup10 Member-Homework Member-spigar1000 Member-chnitzel1 Member-kitkat25909 Member-masterperson Member-Patrick2011 Member-hawkeye Member-gavrob10 Member-vrandtnt1030 Member-FrozneChaos Member-mw2rules23 Member-0mi Member-droid435 Member-indianajones808 Member-fman22 Member-Bman66 Member-ImTheMostManlyMan Member-1zth Member-letsgome Member-70_70_70 Member-Jyles Member-atray4 Member-coltronx Member-hunt111 Member-remington87065 Member-AceofSky Member-locknroll Member-sach21 Member-nisham1 Member-GMJYIKSQ Member-zennithy Member-goatboy1 Member-alaRi Member-SloanerBoner Member-myles1362 - - - CLAN EMPLOYEE - - Reporter-NEED!!! Reporter: Passes out news to everyone in the clan. - - Rank Organizer-Kazey_hazey Rank Organizer: Report to her if you know you will be absent. In the first month without excuse then she will warn you. If you do not respond to the warning message in 2 weeks you will be requested ranking down or kicked out of the Myth Clan. - - Badge Organizer-letsgome Badge Organizer: Records badges and MPs. If you earn any badge or MP, report to him. - - Clan War Recoder-kitkat25909 Clan War Recoder: Posts the list of players who fight in the clan war. Posts timezone of clan members and sets up matches. Records the win/lose streak points. - - Clan Website - -------------------------------------

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