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I am working on a new story for the community of Armor Games. If you would like to participate pick one of the numbered characters below and PM me with the number and your favorite thing, I.E. favorite color, favorite hat, favorite hobby, favorite anything. I will be choosing from the volunteers on the community, your armatar name will be the name used in the story. A link to the story will be posted here once I start it. Thanks for your participation and please enjoy!!! 1.Human-King-Ernie 2. Human-King 3. Human-Knight 4. Human-Paladin-Skeleton 5. Elf-Wizard 6. Elf-Bowman-Nivlac 7. Dragon-Lord-Samiel 8. Dwarf-King-gh0sts 9. Elf-Mage 10. Umherirrer-Thief

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