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I dont really have anything to say. I like eggs and waffles...occasionly people (YUM).

Super Skipper Fan Club Yay (SSFCY):

TheMetalGrunt (LOL, I didn't ask him)
Skipper8656568 (Smexy membuh !)
The goal of the super skipper fan klub is to  be skippers friend becuz he is awesome, and BASK IN HIS VEGGIness!
My name is Laura ! I'm 100 pounds and I'm 17 now ! I'm an LA girl. I have light blonde hair and gold eyes and I'm white (but tanned) ! My teeth are supuh white because I get them bleached sometimes. I like to look nice what can I say ? I love Men and I'm currently looking. (*- -*) um, what else. My favorite out fit is, I don't know, my black jacket or a bra. Actually, it's 'nothing'. hehe. Around school and stuff, I usually wear black jackets, shorties, minies and faded tight jeans. I'm a bad girl. LOVE ME.
I love going to beach but I hate it when boys I don't know talk to me there. They are sooo flirty. Some of them are cute though...
what else. I love animals and am a veg. proud of it to so back off if thats not cool for you. I'm looking for someone that likes metal. Maybe a guy that's buff. Or skinny with long hair idc. I love a man that knows what he wants but never tries to hard to get it. He has to be respectful of people but not take sHi7. LoL, thats enough I'm not desperate lol. I love all tat are nice to me. [*__*] Need a good taste in music. My new youtube account is SmexyBlonde265476. I love talking to new people that are nice to me. My bestest friend in the world right now is TheMetalGrunt. My new friend is Skipper! He's really cool and cute ^_^

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