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Whoo an empty profile
Feels like a blank canvas... Sweet

Haha I just noticed I joined on my half birthday in '08....

Hey my names Morgan. I live in Kansas and I currently go to a Catholic high school. (Not gonna tell you which one... if you want to stalk me youre gonna have to try harder than that hahaha.)

umm.... I am pretty open and optimistic. I guess I could consider myself outspoken... not completely annoying though. I'm not gonna go blabbing about me though, so honestly, if you want to know something, just ask. I'm really into music, I recently started taking guitar lessons and I really want to play drums too but its too expensive. I sing a lot, but im not good... I also don't have a "musical ear" or whatever they call it. So I can't just hear a song and be able to play it after a few tries, which pisses me off but oh well whatcha gonna do. I also like to draw, like a lot of people on this site, but im not NEAR as good as them so I'll just stop talking now. I just do it for fun and to let out feelings and emotions and memories. Erm.... I think thats it for now... kay bai! (:

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