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Hi people of armor games if you have a xbox360 account on xbox live please add me on your friend list my name is FatalTerminator\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\nP.S. i just made this map it's my first one tell me what you think of it.\\\\r\\\\n\\\\r\\\\n-18 1i 18 1i,15 -1j -fm -1m -g3 -19 -gc -m -gj 0 -gs r,-gr n -gv 1b -gv 23 -gu 30 -gu 3t -gt 4v,-gu 4s -gs 5q -gs 6r -gt 7s -gt 8u -gu a2 -gu b4 -gv c1 -gu cs -gq dm -g1 e9 -f4 ej -e8 em -de ef -ct dm -co ck -cp bf -cr a6 -ct 95 -cv 84 -d1 73 -d0 60 -ct 4r,-cu 4t -cu 47 -cq 3j -ci 2t -c2 2b -b1 23 -9s 20 -8i 20 -7a 1v -67 1t -51 1r -3t 1p -2m 1n -1g 1l -4 1h,-17 4 -26 5 -3a 4 -4c 3 -5j 5 -6u 6 -8e 3,-8f 2 -98 4 -a3 5 -av 6 -bs 6 -cl 7 -de a -e5 k -ej 18 -er 21 -f0 34 -f3 4b,-f0 c7 -er cp -en db,-f0 ca -f3 bi -f5 ah -f6 9i -f7 8e -f8 7e -f8 6e,-f3 48 -f8 7a,-92 20 -99 2o -9p 3l -aa 4d -b0 50 -bq 5f -ci 5p,-ch 5s -d2 64,-ce 5l -cq 61,-aq 22 -au 2o -b8 3d -bo 3u -cg 4b -d6 4i,-b1 22 -ba 2k -bo 37 -c5 3m -cl 40,-8t 20 -93 2m -9e 3c -9q 40 -a9 4h -ao 53 -b9 5j -bv 60 -cj 6a -d9 6h,17v 23c 170 23l 15o 23o 14b 23m 12s 23g 11f 23a vs 23b ue 23g t4 23n ro 240 qi 247 ov 24c nb 24a lh 241 je 23r hn 23s fv 244 e3 24f c1 24q 9p 254 7e 25a 4s 259 27 251 -i 24l -3e 245 -6f 23p -9k 23h -cs 23f -g6 23j -jg 23r -mq 246 -q6 24k -tj 250 -111 25a -14i 25f -16t 25h -199 25g -1bm 25d -1e2 257 -1gf 251 -1is 24o -1la 24g -1nn 247 -1q5 240 -1sk 23q -1v2 23n -21h 23l -240 23l -26e 23m -28t 23p -2bc 23t,-2bc 23t -2ds 242 -2gb 248 -2iq 24f -2l9 24m -2np 24t -2q8 255 -2so 25d -2v7 25l -31n 25u -347 266 -36n 26c -397 26g -3bn 26g -3e7 26e -3gn 269 -3j7 264 -3ln 25u -3o8 25n -3qo 25h -3t9 25d -3vr 25a -42e 25a -451 25a -47j 25b -4a6 25c -4cn 25c -4f4 25d -4i9 25e -4l0 25e -4n9 25f -4p7 25g -4qq 25h -4sh 25i -4tq 25j -4uh 25r -4vc 262,tc 23l t9 22p t7 21r t8 20o tc 1vo th 1ul tp 1th u7 1si uo 1rp vj 1r7 10f 1r6 117 1rl 11p 1sj 126 1tk 12i 1ul 12u 1vp 13a 20v 13j 221 13q 230 141 23s,u5 202 tr 1u4 up 1ts u2 1uv v0 1vt,108 1vt vs 1u9,vk 1su vn 1td,10n 1vo 106 1su 11e 1tg 10b 1u9,1gl 223 1ht 221 1j5 22e 1km 22v 1m4 234 1nk 231 1p3 22q 1qh 22l 1rt 22p,1t6 231 1un 23a 207 237 21i 230 231 22p 24k 22n 26c 22s 28i 235 2ag 23b 2cl 23d 2ev 23c 2he 236 2k1 22v 2mp 22l 2pj 22b 2sh 223 2vi 21v 32m 21v 35t 221 396 229 3cj 22k 3g1 230 3jf 23e 3lq 23n 3o4 23t 3qg 242 3ss 244 3v8 245 41k 244 441 242 46d 23u 48p 23p 4b5 23i 4dh 23b 4ft 235 4i9 22v 4km 22q 4n3 22o 4pg 22n 4rt 22p 4ua 22t 50n 233 535 23a 55i 23k 580 23t 5ae 247 5cr 24h 5f9 24q 5ho 251 5k7 256 5mm 258,5mm 258 5p5 258 5rk 256 5u3 251 60j 24q 632 24i 65h 248 681 23v 6ag 23l 6cv 23d 6ff 236 6hu 230 6kd 22s 6ms 22q 6pc 22o 6rr 22o 6ub 22q 70q 22u 739 234 75n 23c 785 23l 7aj 23u 7d1 247 7ff 24g 7hu 24o 7kd 250 7ms 256 7pb 25b 7rr 25e 7ub 25e 80q 25b 83a 256 85q 24v 889 24o 8aq 24g 8db 24a 8fr 247 8ic 248 8kt 24b 8nd 24f 8pt 24n 8sd 250,1jo 22i 1jo 21k 1jo 20l 1jp 1vh 1jq 1uh 1js 1th,1js 1ti 1k1 1sq 1kl 1s7 1li 1s6 1me 1sh 1n7 1sv 1nt 1tn 1o8 1uk 1oe 1vh 1oh 20c 1oj 217 1ol 21u 1on 22i,1on 228 1on 22p,1rm 22n 1sd 22s 1t1 22u 1tl 233,1kl 1vo 1kl 1td 1l9 1ue 1ki 1uo 1l9 1vj,1lv 1vm 1lv 1ub,1lq 1t6 1lq 1tn,1mm 1vo 1mc 1ti 1n7 1ub 1mh 1uo,25b -1a 23o -14 224 -p 20i -9 1v3 d 1tj 1t 1sp 3c 1s6 4u 1rp 6g 1rj 8j 1rr ab 1ss c2 1uc dl 203 f2 21t g8 240 h2 26c hg 28o hj 2au gv 2cp ft 2ea ej 2fl d0 2gr b5 2hs 97 2ic 78 2ib 58 2hm 3e 2gh 1t 2es l 2d3 -9 2b8 -s 29f -15 27q -15 25p -v,260 -10 258 -15 24c -17 23e -13,1u4 17 1oe -61,227 -10 1vp -8p,255 -17 24e -9d,28r -1d 2au -af,2dc -2 2jm -6s,2hf 2p 2rb -30,2ik 5h 2su 8f,2i7 97 2rm do,2f8 dh 2nf la,2a7 ha 2he r9,246 gv 1tb r9,1v8 el 1l1 ob,1rf 93 1hs el,1rs 5k 1fs 41,27v hk 27b sb,17s 23e 1p1 4oa,1gq 221 2aq 4nk,1ov 4o8 1pg 4ph 1q3 4r5 1qk 4si 1r6 4u3 1rp 4vp 1sb 51h 1st 53b 1te 558 1u1 577 1uj 597 1v5 5b7 1vn 5d6 209 5f5 20s 5h3 21b 5ip 21p 5kq 22c 5n5 232 5pn 23v 5sh 254 5vj 26d 62r 27d 654 28d 67e 29g 69l 2an 6bo 2bt 6dp 2dk 6gm 2f7 6jf 2go 6m3 2i6 6oj 2ji 6qv 2ks 6t7 2m4 6vb 2na 71c 2og 73b 2pk 758 2qn 774 2rp 78u 2sr 7an 2tr 7ce 2us 7e4 2vr 7fq 30r 7he 31p 7j2 32o 7km 33m 7m8 34k 7nr 35i 7pc 36f 7qu 37c 7sf,37c 7sf 38b 7u0 399 7vh 3a8 811 3b7 82i 3c7 842 3d8 85i 3eb 871 3fi 88h 3gs 8a1 3i6 8bg 3jj 8cv 3l2 8ee 3mk 8ft 3o7 8ha 3pr 8im 3rf 8k2 3t3 8ld 3uo 8mm 40c 8nv 421 8p7 43l 8qg 458 8ro 46r 8t0 48f 8u7 4a2 8ve 4bm 90j 4d9 91o 4et 92s 4gg 93v 4i4 951 4jn 962 4l9 971 4ms 97v 4od 98s 4pv 99n 4rg 9ah 4t2 9b9 4ui 9c0 503 9cm 51k 9dc 534 9e0 54l 9ej 565 9f7 585 9ft 5a4 9gi 5c2 9h3 5e0 9hi 5fu 9hv 5hs 9ic 5jq 9io,5jq 9io 5lo 9j2 5nm 9jb 5pk 9ji 5ri 9jo 5tg 9jq 5vd 9jq 61a 9jp,2ap 4ne 2b2 4oe 2bf 4pr 2bt 4rb 2ci 4tf 2d4 4v6 2dp 50u 2ef 52o 2f9 54j 2g3 56h 2gu 58e 2ho 5a9 2ih 5c3 2ja 5ds 2k3 5fj 2kr 5h9 2lj 5it 2mb 5kh 2n2 5m5 2nq 5nn 2oh 5pa 2p9 5qs 2q2 5sd 2qr 5tu 2rk 5vg 2se 611 2t9 62i 2u4 643 2uv 65k 2vp 675 30j 68l 31d 6a5 327 6bl 330 6d4 33q 6ek 34j 6g3 35c 6hi 365 6j2 36u 6kh 37n 6m0 38i 6ne 39c 6os 3a8 6qb 3b3 6rp 3bv 6t7 3cq 6ul 3dm 703 3eh 71h 3fc 72u 3g7 74c 3h1 75q,3h1 75q 3hs 778 3in 78m 3jh 7a4 3kc 7bi 3l6 7d0 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6nn 200 6no 1u5 6nd 1s6 6mf 1qo 6ld 1pe 6k2 1o7 6ie 1n2 6gl 1lt 6er 1kp 6d5 1jk 6bg 1ih 69t 1hd 68c 1g9 66t 1f6 65f 1e3 643 1d0 62p,28f 6ip 29b 6j9 2a7 6jr 2b5 6ki 2c3 6l8 2cv 6lv 2dn 6mn 2ed 6nj 2de 6n7,28g 6ip 29i 6j1 2ai 6jf 2bg 6k1 2cg 6kl 2db 6l6 2e6 6lq 2es 6mi 2fc 6na 2ea 6n9,26f 6i5 276 6it 280 6jn 28t 6kf 29m 6l2 2af 6ll 2b1 6mb 2bh 6mu 2bv 6ng,61a 9jn 62f 9jo 63r 9jj 65b 9j7 66k 9io 67v 9i5 698 9hi 6ac 9h1,6aa 9h3 6a6 9i5 6a4 9jg 6a6 9ks 6ad 9me 6an 9np 6b3 9p5 6bk 9qe 6cg 9rj 6dp 9sh 6fb 9t9 6h6 9tp 6j5 9u2 6l4 9ua 6n1 9ug 6os 9uh 6qg 9ua,6qf 9u9 6rt 9ua 6tj 9ub 6ve 9ub 719 9ua 734 9ug 752 9ur 775 9uv 798 9v3 7bb 9v6 7de 9vb 7fh 9vc 7hk 9vb 7jj 9v7 7le 9v3 7na 9v0 7p6 9uu 7r2 9uq 7su 9ub 7uo 9tt 80h 9to 82b 9tl,82a 9tm 840 9tr 860 9tu 87n 9tv 89l 9u1 8bn 9u3 8e0 9u4 8gc 9u4 8io 9u4 8ks 9u3 8mp 9tv 8of 9th 8q9 9su,8q4 9sv 8rh 9sg 8su 9s0 8uf 9rd 900 9qq 91p 9q7 93k 9pk 95d 9p0 97a 9oc 98v 9nv 9ag 9nj 9cd 9n4 9e7 9mn 9g4 9me 9i3 9m9 9ju 9m5 9lm 9m2 9na 9m3 9or 9m6 9qg 9me 9s6 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tph -28a,O tpm -27o,O tpr -27e,O tq5 -26v,O tqa -26l,O tqk -26g,O tqr -26b,O tqr -269,O tqr -25i,O tqr -25g,O tqr -25i,O tqm -26l,O tpj -27m,O tp7 -28k,O toq -293,O tns -295,O tn8 -290,O tm5 -28h,O tl5 -27h,O tkr -27m,O tlp -28m,O tn1 -29f,O tns -29n,O tob -29n,O tog -29d,O tpj -28m,O tq2 -28a,O tqa -27j,O tqp -26l,O tqr -25n,O tqp -25g,T to4 -25p,T tnn -257,T tn7 -24f,T tne -24e,T tof -253,T tof -25p,T to0 -250,T tnd -24h,T tnu -258,T toj -25i,T tnv -24d,T tnf -248,T tns -251,T tn6 -24h,T to0 -257,T toh -25n,T tng -24v,T tna -24p,T tnu -256,T to4 -25h,T tnp -24p,T to5 -24o,T toj -24q,T tou -256,T tok -24s,T tom -24s,T toj -25h,T to3 -250,T tnc -24f,T toi -25f,T tob -256,T tns -24j,T tns -24j,T toj -256,T tnv -24n,T tnu -24p,B b27 5oc c8,B b40 5ob c8,B b5q 5o1 bu,B b4i 5mv ce,B b35 5mv c7,B b5b 5mu cb,B b4m 5q3 bv,B b4d 5oc bs,B b2m 5ph c7,B b3o 5n4 c8,B b4k 5m5 mg,B b51 5mb ch,B b5k 5mn ca,B b5i 5mk c4,B b5a 5mb c3,B b4p 5ml bt,B b4k 5ml c9,B b4r 5mf bv,B b4r 5mf bu,B b4m 5ms c4,B b4u 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