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Not much of a game designer yet. Right now, I just draw and do little animations here and there.

Been drawing for almost 9 years, since 4th grade. Been getting better and better every little step and year. Started out with Anime style, and it helped me draw people. Eventually, I decided to develop my OWN. Inspired by more original styles, and creating a cartooned/realistic style, I finally have one to call my own. Call my style 'anime' or 'manga' and I'll slap ya.

I want to learn how to make good Flash games, but as of now I know very little of actionscripting (self-taught, mostly through recognizing what scripts say and remembering/copying/altering points I can recognize), so almost every one of my flash games wont work properly. Though I have one that does work fine (just cant get lives to work, so just working by pure points system and death count). I might finish it and submit it.

I'm actually working with a freelance job, making art for a real online 2D MMORPG, that's going to be featured on Facebook. I draw all the character and monster images, area images, item images, etc.

check out my Deviantart page! :D I slap up a few animation and game tests here and there along with my main art and occassional doodles.

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