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Just because, I decided to make this. Welcome to my political party!

Director: TSL3_needed (9/27/09 - Present)

Trusted Economic Supporters:

Somers (Inducted 9/29/09)
Moabarmorgamer (Moat) (Inducted 9/29/09)

I'm a capitalist, so I'll make the official club of my beliefs. Oddly I'm making official but I have no official powers.

Anyone can join. I couldn't care a less if you were a communist. Just because you're a communist doesn't mean you can't partake in capitalist ordeals.

Anyway, in no way am I the permanent director. We will hold elections every Sunday. The weeks activities will then be planned out according to the directors ideas.

They may include:

Discussion of how the recession may end
How companies are doing
How improvements can be made (socialists are rather nice here as they provide the other end of the spectrum)
General discussion about stuff
What can be done to improve the recession

Stuff like that.

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