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Hello, my name is not avaviable at this point. Yet, people call me Batman. Not becuase i dress like a bat, but becuase i am a bat.

My favourite food is chineese chicken, filled with svine flu.

One of my closest friends was born inside a toilet. Later on he became my fellow companion. You may recognize him from the X-Men series - Spiderman.
Its been a while now. Yesterday i fell down my stairs and broke my head. Ever since, i see green dots all over. Could be an overdose of snail-saliva, but i really do think it's because of the snakebite that i got on my t-skirt this morning. Enough mumbling!
Mars - Batman woke up this morning, news is: He have a fellow friend from the Marvel comics, Spiderman. They both was out in the city yesterday, hunting bugs and avoiding green decorations.

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