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(Insert lengthy paragraph here) Hey guys! So I just got Xbox Live!!! YAY!!! It is definently as fun as people say, I did NOT get Gold Membership because I believe that would be a waste of money for me. Anyway, it gives you a random name when you make your account. Out of all the names in the world, it gave me: Halfway Puppet 69. Really? I changed it later ofcourse because that name is ridiculous. I'll upload my new Xbox Live name when I get the chance to. Really excited. I can finally play multiplayer against the computer. LOL. I believe my names like, SubparLeopard. (Checked, yes this IS my new name for Xbox Live.) So send me a message, friend me, just do whatever. I'll be upping my Gamerscore because its currently pitifull. Bye guys! 7/28/12 (Summers almost over...) -CheapCheep P.S. VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO FOLLOW ME ON YET ANOTHER SITE!!! I have made an account on a site named: You can find my profile and write on my blog if you want to! Friend me, leave a comment, join me, etc. Mostly joined because you can play Survivor on there, and I love Survivor. There is even a YouTube channel that shows who plays the game from beginning to end. If you want the results of the winner, you gotta check out the site. Lot of fun, hope some of you guys will join me! YouTube channel is called loganworm and he makes all this Survivor stuff. Again, not very popular, kinda goofy, but I like it. Hope I can be on it someday! Bye!

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