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Like any normal man. my first game was DooM, then Heretic ,and then Hexen. later i played Duke Nukem 3D. when Halo:Combat Evolved was realesed, i buyed this game and Started to play... Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo:Reach. I have all of this. Now I waiting for Halo 4. Im CoD hater. CoD sucks.CoD is a pile of shit. My Favorite Movie is WALL-E. WALL-E is the best movie forever. i like WALL-E he is cool. and his girlfriend too,Eve, she is Awesome. List of Hated Games: Cock of dudy motherfuck gayfer 3 Cock of dudy motherfuck gayfer 2 Cock of dudy gay cops Drunk Bonkem *never* Greetings to u earth,from sanghelios (State of Vadam). O yea,Check my youtube channel,my name is Thel Vadam. :) Im your friendly Covenant Arbiter Thel 'Vadam!

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