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  • Member since: 7/2/2012
  • AIM: I R O N S I G H T S
  • MSN: Monkey Super Ninjas
  • Yahoo: ...woo...yeah...-.-zZZ
  • XBOX Live: Mine died
  • Wii: Backwards, its pronounced EEW!
  • PSN: Pant Suit???
  • SteamID: I LYKE WFFLZZ!!!


Welcome to the ClanOfStarz "official site"! With that excitement over...this clan is the clan for people who don't like clans. =D We don't do too much; we may have an occasional contest or two , but we DO have a great time. Anyone who wishes to join may do so by posting what their StarOf____ name may be then make that account in the near future. There are no longer any specific rules for the clan, just in general don't do anything in poor taste or mean to others. Oh, and like WFFLZZ! =D If you have any ideas to improve the clan, just post it here! It will either be implemented with a possible promotion or BRUTALLY DENIED AND OPENLY MOCKED if it is a bad one >:] *Hope you could detect the sarcasm, if you couldn't, then don't be scared, that was what is called a "joke"* ----------------- MEMBERS AND RANK: Leader/Dictator for Life: StarOfWars (StarWarsFreak97) King/Queen: Prince/Princess: Lord: Knight: Squire: StarOfAct (Drama_Ma) StarOfPathz (pathologian14) StarOfSharks (sharkyozi) StarOfDarkness (Mickeyryn) Serfs: StarOfWFFLZZ (Minotaur55) StarOfOranges (Orange_Juice) StarOfDestiny (OneWhoIsTwo) StarOfFormality (Formalityy) StarOfCroatia (alaRi) StarOfNoobz (The Noobness) Assistant Vice Temp Serfs: Wanted Dead or Alive:

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