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What is OctoCan? OctoCan is The World's Best Canned Octopus. Period. The original concept was created in a randomness game thread called "Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Dumb Answer" on 29 October 2011 at 14:40 hrs. by MagicTree. It caught on and people started using it in their posts, which led to the creation of the OctoCan Clan, headed by MagicTree himself. A short time later, CommanderPaladin opened a thread about what OctoCan can be used for, and MagicTree developed a points and achievement system so that clan members could participate in the clan and be rewarded for it. As the Clan was continuing its rise, MagicTree, for reasons as yet unknown, essentially disappeared from AG, leaving CommanderPaladin as the senior officer of the Clan and its default leader. In more recent history, the Clan has acquired an artworks thread, where images, tributes, and (probably) sight gags can be displayed, as well as its own Headquarters and Hall of Records page. Clan OctoCan has also selected JayArmstrong's game "Kit and the OctoPod" as its official game. Currently, Clan OctoCan is still inducting new members, and is well on its way to becoming a recognized part of the AG community. Future goals for the Clan include branching out to other flash gaming/community sites similar to AG, creation of an OctoCan-based flash game, and ultimately propelling OctoCan into becoming an internet meme. Update: MagicTree has returned from his extended absence, and subsequently resumed his role as Leader of Clan OctoCan. For information on joining Clan OctoCan, please contact MagicTree or CommanderPaladin. More recently, unforseen and extreme circumstances have necessitated the retirement and dormancy of CommanderPaladin. Please send all clan-related communications to MagicTree. _______________ OctoCan has an Element: ___________ I OctoCanium I I 125 I I Oc I I 309.27 I --------------------- Other than the fact that it is extremely dense, the properties of OctoCanium are unknown. So, it's perfect for any occasion. Credit for discovery of this element goes to UDude21. _______________ Official OctoCan Clan Threads: Uses of OctoCan: Abbreviated tag for reporting: UoO (Uses of OctoCan) Artworks: Abbreviated tag for reporting: COAT (Clan OctoCan Art Thread) _______________ Game Officially Endorsed By Clan OctoCan: And Its Clan-Member Creator: _______________ Clan Leader/Commanding Officer- Clan Second-in-Command/Executive Officer- _______________ The following is the reply from JayArmstrongGames to the invitation to have his game endorsed by Clan OctoCan: "Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to accept this hallowed honour. For years I have dreamed of this moment, and wish to express my deepest gratitude for your choice of Kit & The Octopod as the official clan game. " Clan OctoCan - fulfilling dreams and making the world a better place! _______________ Clan Rules: 1. Obey all Armor Games rules. Your behavior on the rest of this site reflects on the OctoCan Clan, and the clan must have the highest of standards and reputations. If for some inappropriate act you are banned by the Moderators or Administrators, Clan OctoCan will consider you banished as well. 2. Report your posts. It is very difficult and time consuming to go on a site-wide quest to find everybody's OctoCan posts so that they can be properly tallied. When you post about OctoCan, please leave a message on CommanderPaladin's profile to that effect. Include forum/thread location and time too so that no posts are double-scored. 3. Be respectful of the OctoCan. Have fun with it and go crazy of course, but NEVER make any suggestion that OctoCan can't do something, can/could do something inappropriate, or be destroyed. 4. Be respectful of other Clan members. Even if their idea for a use of the World's Best Canned Octopus sounds silly to you, they're still Clan Members in good standing so long as they are within the rules and therefore are to be accorded the same level of respect as any other member. 5. If for some reason you will no longer be able to participate in the Clan, please advise the Clan leadership so that confusion can be avoided. _______________ OctoCan Clan Initiation: You get a can of OctoCan dumped on your head. _______________ *Members: It is not necessary to copy the entire member list onto your profile anymore, but please put a message to the effect that you are a member of Clan OctoCan. _______________ Clan Points System: 1. Any mention (non-spam) of OctoCan will give you 10 points 2.Any tributes (drawings, forum threads and games, etc.) to OctoCan will give you 50 points. 3. Big stuff like games give a amazing 250 points! 4. Persons performing additional unlisted services to the Clan which may become necessary will be rewarded with a points bonus at the leadership's discretion. _______________ All Clan Members are listed in the "Friends" section. Members: > MagicTree Mystery Octo, 430p >>Achievements: OctoKing Gamer >CommanderPaladin: Quantum Octo, 1150p >>Achievements: OctoPrince Gamer Hard-Core Gamer Milestone >TheNameWithNoNumbers: Baby Octo, 40p >>Achievements: Gamer >Garriss: Starter Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Gamer >CrazyApe: Quality Octo, 120p >>Achievements: Gamer >AlexisTigerSpice: Starter Octo, 70p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer +50p Award for special work for Clan >Xayjay: HexoCan, 630p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Hard-Core Gamer Inspiration x2 +50p Award for special work for Clan >Riptizoid101: Quality Octo, 130p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >StephenKing: Baby Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Aamer13: Squid, 190p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >UDude21: Squid, 200p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Invalid777: Average Octo, 110p >>Achievements: Join The Clan >Acmed: Starter Octo, 80p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Zyba: EctoCan, 290p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Hard-Core Gamer >JayArmstrongGames: EctoCan, 260p Creator of the game officially endorsed by Clan OctoCan. >>Achievements: Join The Clan >Schmiddy1234: Baby Octo, 30p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Bladerunner679: Squid, 230p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >DarkFire45: EctoCan!, 280p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer Inspiration x1 >LegoMyLego27: Baby Octo, 40p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Warriorcats123: Starter Octo, 70p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Beckitten27: Starter Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >Light_Chaser: Starter Octo, 50p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer >theEPICgameKING: Quality Octo, 130p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer xXxDapro89xXx: Baby Octo, 40p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer MattEmAngel: Average Octo, 100p >>Achievements: Join The Clan Gamer _______________ Current Rank/Point Chart: 0-20p: Tin Can 20-50p: Baby Octo 50-90p: Starter Octo 90-120p: Average Octo 120-170p: Quality Octo 170-250p: Squid 250-300p: EctoCan! 300-350p: CanCan 350-400p: Premium Octo. 400-450p: Mystery Octo. 450-500p: Magic Octo 500-550p: Knight Octo 550-600p: President Octo 600-650p: HexoCan 650-700p: Scientist Octo 700-750p: Shiny Octo 750-800p: Greasy Octo 800-850p: Evolved Octo 850-900p: ??? Octo 900-950p: Murderer Octo 950-1000p: Awesome Octo 1000-1100p: !!! Octo 1100-1200p: Quantum Octo Current Achievement Chart: Newbie/Join the Clan: Join the Clan: 10p Notation: This will only appear with newer Members, since it was created later on in the existence of the Clan. OctoKing/Queen:Start the Clan: 100p OctoPrince/PrincessCo-Found the Clan: 90p Speed Collector: Reach 1000 points within 2 weeks of joining: 250p Milestone: Reach 1000 points: 100p Gamer: Participate in CommanderPaladin's The Many Uses of Octocan once: 20p Hard Core Gamer: Participate in CommanderPaladin's The Many Uses of Octocan once every page for 10 pages in a row: 120p Inspiration: Inspire an OctoCan artwork: 20p Recruiter: Recruit a new member to the clan: 40 Note: New Member must confirm that he/she was recruited by you _____________ List of non-members who have earned points (points will be awarded if they join): Loco5 = 40p "Baby Octo" BigBoned = 30p "Baby Octo" Pokemonfire = 50p "Starter Octo" J.C. Mooncity = 40p "Baby Octo" Tom0000009 = 30p "Baby Octo" Masterofexitpath = 50p "Starter Octo" BoredMartian = 30p "Baby Octo" Dair5 = 30p "Baby Octo" Amorboy = 40p "Baby Octo" Runescape124 = 40p "Baby Octo" Ichigo773 = 30p "Baby Octo" MegaIPod= 10p "Tin Can" Bryceop= 20p "Tin Can" Gamer1111111= 10p "Tin Can" LucasDaLegend= 30p "Baby Octo" Godandd= 10p "Tin Can" Devilishconcoction= 10p "Tin Can" Maverick4= 10p "Tin Can" Santi_ = 50p "Starter Octo" Spikkle = 10p "Tin Can" Epicness01= 80p "Starter Octo" Emochick324= 10p "Tin Can" Blk2860= 60p "Starter Octo" TopRank_= 10p "Tin Can" Waldorf= 10p "Tin Can" Poizaz00= 10p "Tin Can" Pokemonrocks126= 30p "Baby Octo" Azywng= 50p "Starter Octo" R2d21999= 20p "Baby Octo" Kingslayer888= 10p "Tin Can" Chromedeathrazor= 10p "Tin Can" PwnajLeadah981= 40p "Baby Octo" Stormwalker= 20p "Baby Octo" Lord0ftiki= 10p "Tin Can" Raispeed55= 10p "Tin Can" Dragonball05= 10p "Tin Can" Nerdsoft= 20p "Baby Octo" TheEPICgameKING= 10p "Tin Can" GandalftheGrey666= 10p "Tin Can" Danwar123= 20p "Baby Octo" jeray2000= 10p "Tin Can" _____________ This account was established as an alt of CommanderPaladin. _____________ Last Update 19 August 2013. _____________

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