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I first started on AG in 2008 and went on very frequently。However I only made an account in late 2012。

My real name is not Clancy

FGA is Life
This is the profile of the user with the most forum posts of any 2012'er!
Edit: not any more ;(
My life story right here

How I got my username

Move me up on the AG Totem Pole! Update: on August 7th, 2013, I reached 1st place。 Total time at top: 66.7 days。

My players card from the AG vs. Kong tournament 2012
I am also the reigning champion of pang's Gaming Challenge! as well as Gantic's This List is Worth 100 Points

Shiny Shrine
Member of:
Forum Game Alliance - since June 2013

Crazy Questers Clan - since Jan 20, 2014

Armor Games Military Operations Team - since Nov 11, 2012
Awesome art by Storm
The nurg
The "Pretty"

The Sun
I would have 10923 AG points and be a Gold Prince, as of January 2015。
Easy - 80% completed
Medium - 69% completed
Hard - 58% completed
Insane - 8% completed
Nov 5, 2015 - earned the rarest game quest
AMW stories featuring me:
Way of Continuation
Eleven Moons: The Story of The FGA
ArmorGames High
Forum Games That I Hosted
Object Racing {Grand Prix} forum game.
Get to the Top! Version- 3.0 forum game.
Armatars I Would Use, If Not For This One
Great Quotes About Me
"Reality bends at your will, clancypants" ~ Rhea, DotD
"Clancy is the best" ~ wflag10
"Clancy, little children love you" ~ wflag10
"Clancy you have beautiful... text" ~ pickpocket
"I like [your] name" ~ kChamp495, SSL2
"Like, you're a protector of women Clancy" ~ Xeano321
"Clancy... is satan?" ~ Xeano321
"But I love Clancy so [getting banned to save his ass] is worth it" ~ Salvidian
"You have more balls than anyone else in here" ~ Salvidian
"Like, a solid 5 more balls than anyone" ~ pickpocket
"clancy that was so modest it made me sad" ~ pangtongshu
"There can never be enough Clancy" pickpocket
"Clancy 10/10" ~ pangtongshu, among others
"omg Clancy you barf rainbows that's beautiful" ~ pickpocket
"You go girl" ~ pangtongshu
"Clancy, you are officially no longer allowed to speak to me smartass motherfocker." ~ Flurgellate. DotD
"You're a slick devil" ~ Freakenstein

"Not you tho, clancy. I've always loved you." ~ pickpocket
"See, Clancy? You're not a screwup after all " ~ Storm
"I am ur number 1 fan" ~ Orange
"Clancy is my life" ~ R2D21999
"Clancy I need you" ~ pang

"You're an ugly alumpo to me <3 " ~ Stormy
"I love you clancy, never change" ~pick
"clancy you are my spirit animal" ~pick

"literally kill urself clancy"
Birthdays to remember:
Clancy - 1/25
Sal - 2/29
pang - 4/3
wflag - 4/14
Rip - 7/12
R2D2 - 7/23
Storm - 9/19

Just incase Storm loses this link

August 30 is Gamer Appreciation Day。

This guy is my twin, separated at birth。

we doin good

ily pang

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